Welcome to the Afterlife: Thrilling to the Bones

Welcome to the afterlife

Hendrix Grey seems like a normal teenage boy, but he has a secret: He has nightmares about people dying, and they come true. When Hendrix realizes that his nightmares have attracted the attention of murderous, shadowy creatures called inklings, he has no choice but to run for his life. He manages to escape the inklings with the help of a vampire named Silvanus, but in the process, he is infected with vampire blood. Once infected, Hendrix has just one month left to live before he’ll die and change into a vampire. Silvanus is the only one that can keep him from becoming a monster, but in exchange, Hendrix has to hunt vampires and inklings. While Hendrix struggles to control his bloodthirsty instincts and learn the ropes of his new job, he befriends a werewolf named Juliet and a hotheaded pyrokinetic named Flick. The more time Hendrix spends with Juliet, Flick, and Silvanus, the more he realizes that they’re not the hunters; they’re the ones being hunted”

This book isn’t just your average vampire story. Believe me. It has no sappy romance or a triangle but a fierce battle between Vampires, Humans and Inklings.

When I first started reading the book on my newly acquired Kindle, I felt a little disconnected. Hendrix’s school life and his grey existence in New York did not seem very catchy. But then before I knew it, the pulse of the book sped up.

Suddenly, Hendrix realizes his world’s turned upside down. He deals with being a vampire and fighting against an army whose strengths he doesn’t quite comprehend.

The characters are very well thought of and superbly described. As you read on, you feel a character’s lingering presence, as If the scene you just read has been playing in front of you. The writing style is crisp but yet easy flowing.

The highlight of the book for me has definitely to be, when Hendrix is captured by the evil Isaias, whose only mission is to take revenge against Silvanus. The speed and thrill of the chase and the final fight is only too sweet.

One of the points I liked about the book was that there was no slip of narrative. The background weaved was only a sub-cast, the main characters playing their part superbly in enchanting the reader.

The final battle against the Inklings and Vampires has to be the best one I have read in a long time. I could not keep the book down.

This book is definitely a MUST READ. A fast paced thriller which I would love to read on a cold, gloomy night, snuggled in my bed with some coffee.

My Review: 4/5


Alex is definitely one promising writer. I am sure to keep my eyes peeled out for other books in the future.

Alex can spin a creepy world around you and still keep you stuck to her book.

Definitely worth it! 😀 😀


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