An Abduction Revelation: Fiction or Reality

abduction revelation





I lay on a surface that was translucent and unsupported. Bright multicolored lights blurred my vision. Where I am and how I got there was a mystery to me.

A large circular device was positioned above my torso. Sharp pointed utensils protruded from the middle of a sphere.

I felt naked under the snowy white sheet that covered my entire body. Strange and eerie sounds reverberated within my mind. In my blurred vision, I could see movement, as ghostly figures danced about with spastic, yet graceful movements. Something or someone lifted the sheet and started probing and prodding various parts of my anatomy. It played with me as if I were a child’s favorite doll.

After doing whatever it was they had intended, my abductors implanted a memory block and a tracking device and sent me on my way. Their plan was now initiated. T is would be my first, but not last abduction. I would have no memory of it until many years later.

I would search the world over for answers, only to discover they were buried within my subconscious.

An Abduction Revelation is an intriguing and entertaining adventure based on some true life experiences of the author. It is a journey filled with suspense, romance, heartbreak, and revelations that will mystify and torment your soul.


This introduction intrigued me. And even more so because this book is so well written, I still cannot distinguish whether this really happened or whether this was fiction.

The part I liked about the book was actually the main part, the end. It was when all secrets were revealed.  I also enjoyed the part which described the time the author had in the Navy. It shows how tough the Navy or Army or Air Force people have it. It made me think about the many million men and women who go into the armed forces. Reading about their hard work at protecting their country and its citizens made me feel gratitude towards them.

I felt especially bad when the author’s partner is taken away by her family to the tribes because she fell in love with someone out of her community. I believe that love is without boundaries and I really salute her for not backing out! The author describes every love scene with reference to a parental guidance which was hilarious!!!

Thomas is right when he says that this book will change the way you look at things. Writing about alien abductions isn’t an easy job. It is one of the most controversial issues. Movies have been made, books written, thesis submitted and yet there is no answer!! In that context, the book is gripping and even though Thomas has written his memoirs, there is not one dull moment in the book!!4star

Thomas has a different writing style. He says it is because he is telling a story! I agree with him. His ex-wife says the book would make an amazing film. And I agree with her. It is a very visual book. I could imagine everything happening right in front of my eyes.

I recommend this book for a good and light read!!

 My Rating: 4/5

The book is very easy to read and the narrative is light and flowing.

Plus it really makes you think whether what Thomas says happened to him has really happened or not!!

There is a really personal touch to the book. At times, it feels like you’re sitting in a cafe and listening to Thomas narrate. I recommend a read!!


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