Superpower Adventure: The Shadow Caster

Bobby hasn’t seen his grandmother, Mae, for a while. When she shows up he isn’t sure if it’s really her, since she arrives while he’s dreaming. She returns each time he dreams and then tells him what’s going on, he is a Shadow Caster. Strange things continue to happen when he dreams and even stranger things when he’s awake. Then his shadow begins to do things, not things that are under his control, at least not at first. He has to figure out how to use mystical abilities to save Mae, because she has answers to his questions, since she too is a Shadow Caster.

A fast paced energetic story about Bobby, a boy who discovers a new world around him and inside himself. He and his two friends provide an innocent, lighthearted, and sometimes comical, approach to dealing with situations from saving a dog to fighting with evil spirits. Bobby goes from geek to a supernatural powered geek by discovering the lost practice of Shadow Casting. With a little help from his friends, the walking dead and spirits from the past he overcomes some bizarre obstacles in order to release Mae from being held captive by an evil foe.

This is one hell of an action packed book. There is not a dull moment. Bobby discovers that he has mystical powers of shadow casting. He can travel through time and his shadow protects him from evil. So what goes wrong and what draws the reader to this book??

It has to be Mae. From the time Mae enters Bobby’s dreams to the point she runs away from hospital, she intrigued me the most. I loved her character. Bobby gets chased by bad guys trying to save Mae’s amulet which gives her powers to cast her shadow. She is held captive by an evil foe who wants the amulet for himself to usurp all the powers and make him all powerful.

Bobby is a very intelligent and upbeat kid. He catches on to the situation very fast and his quick thinking makes sure he is on par with evil Raida. One of the nicest parts was when he is joined by his good friends Speedy and Riley. I always think one has a purpose and journey in life and it’s best done with friends!! So I love the fact that Bobby does not have to face the foe alone.

2 and a half starsI love how the book ends. I love happy endings. Bobby, Speedy and Riley save Mae’s spirit from the clutches of Raida. The scenes are not devoid of action. Everything happens so fast. It is amazing how speedy this book is. It is a good read!!

My Rating: 3.5/5

This book is a really good one!!!

Steve has done a really good job. One thing I like about this book is that it is easy to read. The language is easy and the plot is interesting yet not too overdone!!

I remember going back and reading the action sequences again because they were so well written.

A good light book for a Saturday evening with a mug of coffee πŸ™‚


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