An Interview with The Comeback Kid: Thomas Hay

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My encounter with the abductors happened by chance and it changed my life. Thomas Hay, the author of ‘The Comeback Kid series,agreed to answer a few questions I had for him after I finished reading the book.

Thomas Hay’s profile on Goodreads says,

” Thomas L. Hay, raised in Clinton, Missouri. Graduate of the 1961 Senior High class. Currently retired and resides in Lake Waukomis, Missouri. He is married to “the love of his life”. He puts up with hyperactive squirrel’s, irritating geese and a cranky 401K.”

But I believe Thomas is a lot more than that.

He gets candid about writing, the Abductors and gives us a sneak peek into any further works,

1. What inspired you to write “An Abduction Revelation”?

TH: My entire life I had wanted to write a book. But never had the time. So when I retired, time was no longer an excuse. But I didn’t have a clue as to what to write. My wife came to the rescue. “Write your memoirs. You have had an interesting life,” she said. Behold: “The Comeback Kid, Memoirs of Thomas L.Hay,” was published in 2011. After writing my memoirs, it occurred to me that I might have some intriguing and mysterious phenomenon buried within my subconscious. My ex-wife had always claimed that we had been abducted (by aliens) during our marriage. After we separated, she adopted an ascetic lifestyle that melted her memory blocks that had been implanted by the aliens. I never believed her. But after writing my memoirs, I had to ask myself, “What if she was right.” So I adopted her ascetic lifestyle. O-M-G. I had to rewrite my memoirs, “An Abduction Revelation.”

2. Tell me about your childhood.Cardinal%20Tom[1]

TH: Sorry, I can’t do that. It would be a spoiler, as my childhood is covered in the book.

3. Your style of writing is very different. Can you explain why?

TH: I wanted to tell the story, not write it. So I wrote it as I would tell it. My Kirkus Review states: “Hay carries the story with a conversational style and passion.” My wife says it captures my personality to a tee. So when you read the book, you will know almost everything about me. Notice, I said “almost”.

4. Why did you use idioms and song references in the story? 

TH: Yes Sirree Bob, I sure did. The idioms are things we all say every day of lives.

Just part of me being me. As for the songs, I remembered that life is a series of events, much like a box of assorted chocolates, (by the way, I’m a chocoholic) you never know what might come next. Songs remind us of people, places and times in our lives. So I would pick a song that would describe that particular life event. It helped to remind me of certain events in my life.

My Valentine5. What more can we expect from The Comeback Kid?

TH: Well, I have been having some dreams that Tom has gotten himself into a mess again, and will be requiring my assistance. So there is another sequel in the works. It will be the final chapter in his trilogy. After all, I am getting too old to be running around acting like my Marvel hero’s.

6. What tips do I have for a first time author?

TH: Points you say? Well I believe a first time author should:-

1. Write from your heart. 2. Do a lot of research. 3. Make sure to have your

work edited. 4. Check out all the publishing options and find one that fits you.

5. Have a solid marketing plan, before you publish.

Thomas can be reached at his website, His first book, ‘The Comeback Kid’ released in 2011. He followed it with a sequel, ‘An Abduction Revelation: The Comeback Kid Returns’ in 2012 and promises some more action in 2013! Grab his book and let the abductors change your life forever!!


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