The Sequel to TRUST is releasing!!!

trustCris Serruya wowed us with her book, TRUST: A NEW BEGINNING. It left readers craving for more! We wished for the sequel to release FAST.

Cris is releasing now the cover for TRUST: BETRAYAL tomorrow, March 7th!!!!

Their story moved you. You were intrigued by their secrets. What are they hiding? Why don’t they come clean? What lies ahead? Does jealousy get the better of the men as they struggle to be with the charismatic and intelligent woman? Does she remember her past? What lies in her past? Can she live her lifeafter knowing the truth? Can they trust each other after knowing their secrets? Will love still stay?

FIND OUT in the COVER REVEAL TOMORROW! March 7th!! Right here on this blog!!

I will also be doing an interview with Cris on March 17th so if the readers have any questions for her, Cris would gladly answer!! I’ll also be releasing a sneak peak of a chapter of Trust: A New Beginning and Trust: A Betrayal!!

nocover-blank-133x176Stay TUNED for a LOT of Action from the pen of Cristiane Serruya!!

Cris Serruya can  be contacted on her website,


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