Betrayed The Suspense!!!!- Excerpt from Cris’s upcoming release

For all you readers and lovers of romance!! Cris Betrays the suspense and gives us a sneak peak into her explosive novel

Atwood House.
Sunday, March 21st, 2010.
6.55 p.m.

“Okay, little girl,” Sophia clapped her hands at Gabriela who was comfortably seated
on Alistair’s lap. “Time for bed. Now.”
“But, Mama-”
“Don’t you but me. It’s seven o’clock. Time for you to go to bed.”
Gabriela pouted at her mother and then turned her head, looking at Alistair for help.

He just smiled at her and motioned his head to Sophia.

“Five minutes more, Mama, pleeeease.”

Sophia looked at her watch and sighed, “Okay. But only five.”

Gabriela beamed at her mother, “Thank you, Mama.” She turned to Alistair and asked,

“Tell me another story, please?”

“A short one,” he said as Sophia sat on the sofa beside them and put Gabriela’s bare
feet over her lap.

Alistair smiled at Sophia, as he started the story, “Once upon a time, there was a
prince. He was very tall, handsome and rich. But he didn’t have a princess-”

“What was his name?”

“Ronnoc Riatsila,” he promptly said and winked at Sophia.

“Ugh! What an ugly name.” Gabriela puckered her turned-up nose. “Are you sure he
was a prince?”

“Aye. I’m sure,” he smiled, delighted. “So. The prince was very much alone in his big,
big castle. One day, he decided to hold a contest to find his bride. All the women in his
kingdom would have to go.”

“Only the beautiful ones,” Gabriela said. “Princes can’t marry ugly princesses.”

“Very well. Only the beautiful ones.” His grin broadened as he put an arm over
Sophia’s shoulder and pulled her closer.

She sighed happily and nestled herself on his side, listening to the story of the prince
called Ronnoc Riatsila, thinking that she wanted his princess to be called Aihpos.

The City of London Bank Headquarters.
Thursday, May 15th, 2008.
4.59 p.m.

“But can’t my driver just pick up the prescription?” Alistair paused as he listened to
what Doctor Lodes’s secretary told him on the phone. “Aye, of course. I’ll be there.” He
hung up and rubbed a hand on his neck. What could be this urgent? It’s just a

As he left his office with a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach.
Lodes’s Clinic.

5.47 p.m.
“Hello, Doctor Ben. How are you?” Alistair hugged the doctor and entered his office.
“How are Aunt Elizabeth and Mark?”

“Everyone’s fine, son. Everyone’s fine,” Doctor Lodes repeated as if to assure himself
that what he said was true. He motioned for Alistair to sit on the sofa at the end of his

Alistair frowned at the strange behavior but complied, sitting on the comfortable gray
sofa and stretching his legs. He was tired. He had been working like a mad man lately. “I
haven’t seen Mark for a long time. He’s disappeared.”

Doctor Lodes scratched his bald head and sat next to Alistair on the sofa. “You have
been too busy to see your friends, Alistair Connor. Mark got married last week. We
missed you at the wedding.”

“What?” Alistair sat up on the sofa. Mark was one of his best friends. “I didn’t get the

“We sent it to your apartment. Heather rang us and talked to Beth. It seems you had
a trip planned.”

“We did travel, but I would have postponed it if I had known that Mark was getting
married. It wasn’t that important. We went to Saint Barths for the weekend to celebrate
our anniversary which was in February.”

“Well, too late now, son.” Doctor Lodes shrugged. “See that you don’t miss
Johansson’s wedding in two weeks. His father told me that Heather has declined as

What? Alistair’s mouth fell open. What’s going on?

“Did you receive the last results from Heather’s exams?” Doctor Lodes continued.
Oh, damn. I forgot Heather’s exams. I don’t even know if she did them after the
treatment. Alistair looked sheepishly at the older man and shook his head.

The doctor’s face showed no surprise. “Well then. Alistair Connor, I don’t want you to
become nervous with what I’m going to tell you.”

“Too late for that, Doctor Ben. I’ve been freaked out since our appointment in
December.” Alistair almost laughed. But his doctor and friend had such a stern
expression on his face that he knew this was no time for humor.

“My boy, I received the confirmation that the moxifloxacin was effective and that the
bacteria were eliminated. Nonetheless… It took too long to diagnose and the damage…
Treatments are evolving and maybe in the future they can reverse what’s happened-”

“You’re scaring me, Doctor Ben,” Alistair shifted on the sofa and leaned toward the
doctor to better look at his soft brown eyes.

The doctor thinned his lips and looked away for an instant.

When he looked back, his face showed a piercing sadness. “I’m so sorry to have to tell
you this, Alistair Connor. I’ve known you all your life and I love you as if you were my
own son.” He shook his bald head and a cold dreariness sifted through Alistair’s bones.

“But the test results arrived this morning. I still had hope…” He inhaled deep, rested his
hand over Alistair’s and blurted, “Son, I’m sorry, but the disease has made you infertile”

Watch out for her book as it releases in the last week of April!!! If this didn’t get your interests up, wait for further posts and excerpts from Cris’s pen!!


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