RIP: The Start of a New Thriller Series

RIP TouchI’ve always been the one for short stories especially a riveting series. My favourite genre is Mystery, Thriller and Paranormal and I always rue that there aren’t too many mystery writers I manage to read or whose books I am really drawn into.

Which brings me to the book in question. The RIP Series is something I am really excited to be reviewing not only because this deals with the paranormal but that these Novellas are very sensibly structured.

When I started reading RIP Touch, I couldn’t keep it down. I finished reading it in under an hour!!

The story starts with the Basement. I am not kidding!!! Young Rip Cooper discovers that there are is a lot more to the basement than meets his eye. Like a lurking old tramp and that he can talk to Ghosts!

Fast forward into the Future!! A grown Rip learns of his powers and meets Serissa, the one to break the news to him that he is one of the SEVEN, who can see ghosts and who have the onerous task of cleansing this world of the evil ghosts who just want to create panic, pandemonium and make a mess of innocent people’s lives.

So when Rip encounters his old crush Kalli and an old ghoul dedicated to saving teachers by creating maelstrom amongst students, what does he do? How does he deal with being someone who can touch, feel and even be beaten to pulp by a ghost, someone that only he can see?!!

The best part about the book is its brevity. I can tell you, when Daniel decides to consolidate these novellas into a book, it will be a cracker!! I have not enjoyed a ghost story this much in a long time. It was one of those books that made me want to read the second installment ASAP except that it hasn’t been published!!

My Rating: 4/5


This is one of those refreshing novellas you can enjoy just when you have a bit of free time. It simply takes you on a trip into Rip’s world and makes you want more!!

I just want Daniel to publish the second one as soon as possible now!!

If you thought Daniel’s book, RIP Touch seemed interesting enough to give it a try, click on “I Recommend- Amazon Widgets” . It will open to a link that will take you to where you can purchase Daniel’s book!! Take the step and read it right away!!


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