Ripping the Fiction Genre: Interview with Daniel Sherrier, says this about Daniel,

Daniel Sherrier is a writer based in central Virginia. His original plays have appeared in multiple venues. He won the 2006 Chameleon Theatre Circle’s New Play Contest (theatre for youth category), as well as several Virginia Press Association awards for his community newspaper work. He was a semifinalist in the 2011 PAGE International Screenwriting Competition, and a finalist in both the 2006 and 2010 People’s Pilot competitions. His screenwriting earned him a slot in the 2011 Taliesin Nexus Filmmakers Workshop in Los Angeles. He released his new e-book series, Earths in Space, at the end of 2012.

After reading his first novella in the RIP Series, I wanted to know the mind behind the enjoyable book. And Daniel was kind enough to answer a few of my questions

DanielSherrier headshot

1. How Amazing was RIP: Touch!! What led to that?

DS: Thank you! The house we see in the teaser is based on my early childhood home, a place I lived from about ages 2 to 4, and at the time, I could have sworn it was haunted. Years later while working as a community newspaper reporter, I was covering an event at a historic church site in Hanover County, Virginia. It’s called Polegreen Church, and a hollow skeleton structure stands where the church used to be. I’ve been there several times, but one Halloween, paranormal investigators were chatting about ghosts at the site, and I was reminded about my childhood experiences. Then I randomly thought, “Hmm…What if ghosts were completely solid to somebody?” It seemed like a natural thought to have.

2. Your website is the quirkiest and funkiest one I have seen in a long time!! Tell us about it!!

DS: Formal bios can get tedious, so I thought I’d spice mine up with some self-deprecation. All authors know (or at least should know) they’ve written some truly terrible stuff in their early years. I decided it was a good opportunity to make fun of myself. Additionally, the blog includes humorous columns full of wacky anecdotes, and I’ve recently begun interviewing other authors for a weekly series. So it’s not all about me! Isn’t that swell?

DCFC0225.JPG3. A little sneak peek into your unpublished work!!

DS: More RIP is on the way. I envision about 12-15 novelettes before the series wraps up, but that’s certainly subject to change. I’ve also launched a science fiction series of episodic novellas called Earths in Space, and more of that is coming, too.

The second RIP novelette will be called “Alone,” and the third’s title is “The Crazy Line.” Here’s how Act One of “Alone” opens:

“God, food stores are depressing,” Serissa said, gazing longingly at shelves of canned vegetables.

4. Tell us about how you first started writing

DS: When I was 9, I really got into super-hero comic books and wanted to make my own. I created original characters and cobbled together all sorts of adventures for them. Initially, I drew the stories, too, but I was focusing solely on the scripts by the end of middle school. The comic books led into screenplays, novels, and play scripts, and I’ve never been able to stop. Therefore, I haven’t been bored since I was 9.

5. How good is the “Start Early” advantage while writing?

DS: Developing any skill takes time. The first thing you write is going to be garbage, so the sooner you get that out of your system, the better. Muscles don’t develop unless you use them.

6. What are the joys of independent publishing?

DS: I can do whatever I want with my own characters, which results in a more creatively fulfilling process. No one is telling me to make my stories more like Harry Potter or The Hunger Games. I love Harry Potter, too, but I prefer to write my own ideas without copycatting the latest trend.

7. A day in the life of Daniel Sherrier!

DS: It depends on the day. I’ve been a full-time community newspaper reporter for a while, but at the end of May I’m going to transition into various freelance work, including writing, editing, and tutoring. Right now when my work week concludes on Friday (usually), I print out the most recent pages I’ve written, take them to a Barnes & Noble café, and edit to get myself back into creative mode, and I build momentum from there throughout the weekend. I’ve been taking a kickboxing class for over four years, and I’m about to test for my black belt next month. I’m also privileged to play with my 3-year-old niece from time to time.

8. Name 5 quirks you are the proud owner of :p

DS: This whole writing compulsion has to be the Quirk #1.

Quirk #2: I take a lot of vitamins—a lot—not medicine, just voluntary vitamin supplements. Vitamin B, biotin, calcium, fish oil, and all sorts of fun stuff.

Quirk #3: I eat cookies nearly every day, but I place firm limits on the number of cookies I allow myself to consume.

Quirk #4: I often drive while listening to instrumental movie soundtracks, especially action music.

Quirk #5: I only shave every two or three days. Sometimes people will see me with facial hair, and sometimes they’ll see me clean-shaven. What will they see next? Who knows?

9. What tips do you have for new authors?

DS: I have two big “don’ts”: Don’t write about writers, and don’t write anything like Finnegan’s Wake. Beyond that, play around and figure out what works for you.

RIP Touch10. After the RIP series, what more can the readers expect?

DS: While RIP is working toward a definitive ending, my other series, Earths in Space, is designed to continue on and on and on. There will be lots more of that in the future. In the nearer future, I plan to release some of my one-act play scripts on Amazon.

Details for all of this will be on website,, and my Facebook page,


Daniel is a friendly person to get to know and his book is an amazing read!! I am privileged to be his Beta Read for the Second Installment of RIP and I guarantee, it is an amazing power-packed read in itself!!


For those who want to catch Daniel’s book RIP right away, please click on I RECOMMEND- widgets and go straight to Amazon to check his book out!!


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