Witty, Smart and Concise: The Audacity of You by Dominique Wilkins

The minute I read the description of the book, I knew this was going to be one that I would like. The book says,

” Have you ever done something for someone and they had the nerve to not return the favor when you needed it? Did you let a lot of things someone did wrong to you go by, only to have them blow up at you because of the one thing you did to them by mistake? Someone gave them a good start to get where they are, but they turn around and give you a hard start! The nerve of them! You will laugh and cry as you read Glorianna, Ke-Ke, Levi & J.D.’s stories.

And Dominique was kind enough to share the book with me in exchange for an honest review.

This is one of those collections of short stories that you would like to have near your bedside just to give you a good laugh. Mind you, it is difficult to write something witty out of something all of us do inadvertently, which is thinking of our selfish needs before others!!

16161659The book contains Short Stories of normal people like you and me. No fantasy, and possibly, no fiction either. The common thread between each story is that one of the characters does something totally audacious which makes you think how the person can ever imagine doing something like that.

A lot of it goes with how we perceive the world. Most of us people are like atomic reactors, exploding at any moment. Once we think of it afterwards, a common response being, “how dare he/she do that?”

In a way, the book made me think about the sort of individuals we were and how collectively our society thought and categorised people and their behaviour.

I enjoyed a good laugh though out of the book and I recommend it to everyone to give it a try and laugh out at the horrors of the characters when they think about the “Audacity” of other people.


My Rating: 4/54star

A well written short story collection which should definitely be on everyone’s shelf!


Dominique can be contacted on her Twitter Account (AuthorDWilkins) and on her website,



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