Who Are The Abductors?

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An Abduction Revelation: The Comeback Kid Returns

Cardinal%20Tom[1]Part Two – The Bequest

“Where in the heck have you been?” dad shouted at me, as soon as I enter the door. “You’ve been gone darn’t near three hours!”

I had just returned home from taking the trash to the city dump. It had been my chore since I had gotten my driver’s license. The dump was located a couple miles northwest of town.

“I had a slight accident,” I said. I hadn’t realized I had been gone that long.

On my way back, I was dreaming about joining the Navy in a few months. My mind was a thousand miles away as I sailed the seven seas. All of a sudden, my dream evaporated as I noticed three blinking blue lights in my rearview mirror. Suddenly, the whole car started to vibrate. I felt a tingling sensation and every hair on my body started dancing. At that instant, a humongous brilliant flash of light exploded within my head.

Confused and dazed, I realized the  car was not moving. I crawled out, staggered around a bit, and tried to collect my wits. I noticed the car had dents and scraps, front to back. I couldn’t remember how or when they occurred. But the car was still running, so I drove it home.

It was late and dad told me to go to bed and we would talk about the accident in the morning. While getting undressed, I notice my underwear was on inside out. It really wasn’t the fashion and I surely didn’t remember putting them on that way.

In the mirror I noticed that my right upper forearm was bruised. As I looked closer, I saw a pattern that resembled the hand print of a small child, but there were just three fingers and a thumb. I noticed the exact same bruise and pattern on my left forearm. I figured the bruises were caused by the accident.

I sat on the edge of the bed to untie my shoe laces. At first I couldn’t get them untied. They were tied in a strange and unfamiliar knot. I finally  figured out how to get the knot undone.

In the morning I woke up with blood in my underpants. Young boys my age were known to have wet dreams, and I must have had a dilly. Being a teenager, I just went about my business, never to suspect until many years later, that I had been abducted.

Stay tuned for part three – The Conundrum

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