Cris Shares Her Video for Trust Trilogy!!


Cristiane Serruya has a destructive trilogy! Love, Sex, Greed, Passion and Ambition all intertwine as Sophia, Ethan and Alistair’s lives come together and How!!

As if the books weren’t a fatal attraction enough, Cris has a video for all of us!! Here’s to Trust and its success!! To Everyone who can resist the temptation, better not, and to those who cannot resist, I suggest you visit Cris’s beautiful website,

Here are a few quotes from Trust!!

“Passion is a sickness. It confounds and makes you do things just to please the other person. Quite different from love. In love you find delight despite the person’s flaws.” 
― Cristiane SerruyaTrust: A New Beginning
“But if one stops believing in dreams, life loses its meaning, loses its colors.” 
Never again mistrust me. Don’t turn your anger unfairly towards me. Trust isn’t something I bestow easily. It’s something precious. You have it or you don’t. Like faith, like love. It’s blind. It has to be. If I trust, if I love, I’ll always believe you; no matter the circumstances.” 
― Cristiane SerruyaTrust: A New Beginning
“Sophia is not my second chance. She is my heavenly gift.” 
― Cristiane SerruyaTrust: A New Beginning
“Things are more exciting when one unveils them bit by bit. One looses interest fast when they’re too easy.” 
― Cristiane SerruyaTrust: A New Beginning
Marriage never stopped anyone from betraying.” Crisn
― Cristiane SerruyaTrust: A New Beginning
“It should be forbidden to be so handsome.” 
― Cristiane SerruyaTrust: A New Beginning

And here is the Link to the Video!!! Must See, Must See, Must See!! (That is Cris in the background with her Charming Smile!!! You go Cris)


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