Thomas Hay Blogs: Part 4- The Conundrum

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eye of mind

Part Four – The Conundrum.  The search continues…

My fiancé shouted, “Stop the car, we have to find out what the cows are staring at!”

“Okay,” I said, as I slammed on the brakes.  “But you stay in the car.”

The cows were in a field next to a huge cornfield. It was close to dusk, and the glare from the departing sun made it difficult to see anything in that direction.

Then suddenly, I noticed a shallow figure materialize right out of the corn stalks. My first thought was that a scarecrow had gotten loose.

I was in a sleepwalking stupor as an invisible force propelled me toward the scarecrow. A beam of light from the shadowy shape, which was holding a gold-colored medallion, hit me in the chest. I was paralyzed but conscious as the figure measured my cranium. (Years later I would discover that I had been measured for a special type communications helmet). The mysterious being then implanted another memory block and vanished into the departing sunset.

The next I knew I was standing alone in the cornfield, not knowing how or why I had gotten there. The cows all stared at me like I was an alien invader.

When I returned to the car, my fiancé was sound asleep. She didn’t recall or see a thing since I had gotten out of the car. Several years later (after melting her memory blocks) she would reveal what had happened to her that day.

” I fell asleep in the car and had a most peculiar astral projection. I was out of my body and rising high above the trees and into the clouds. I looked to the sky and saw…”

Stay tuned for the final part: The Phenomenon

Thomas Hay, Author

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