Theresa in Wonderland: Smooth Ride through Life by Dominique Wilkins

The Synopsis reads,

“Theresa survives a near death experience and is so grateful for life, she puts the incident so far behind her, that she takes herself out of the real world and into wonderland. Suddenly, when the real world comes crashing into wonderland, she is forced to deal with her loved ones dying, lying and hurting her all at once. Too much to take. Will she take it and bounce back or take her life instead?”


Theresa’s life spins out of control when an attack by a crazy schoolgirl leaves her scarred for life. She learns and picks up the pieces and goes to college. There she makes friends with Tina, the girl who saves her from the vicious attack all the way.

Life goes on for Theresa with a loving husband and four lovely children. She is still friends with Tina and is living in her wonderland. Little does she know that outside her rose-tinted vision, reality is different.

Her husband isn’t who she thinks he is and Tina is one of those persons who your parents ask you to stay away from. One fateful day when Theresa gets into an almost fatal accident, her life spins entirely away.

How does she manage then? How does anyone manage when everything they knew of crumbles in their face?

Dominique writes a very short account about Theresa’s life and the ups and downs. While her writing style takes a little getting used to, there were these few points that really stood out!!

#NO matter what happens, our parents love and support us

#Pick your friends wisely. You never know who works behind you and who eyes your life

#Life can shock you in different ways. It doesn’t matter how badly it does, what matters is how you pick up!! Its like those sayings about life, when it throws you lemons, ask for some tequilla and give it your best shot and the like!!

#Past Hurt doesn’t do anything for anyone. It should be left where it belongs to, the past!!!


Dominique is very clear, these are just some pearls she wants to share with us. I like the book for its frankness and also for calling a spade a spade!! I finished the book in under an hour and it is best served when you’re travelling!!

My rating: 3/53 star

Pick the book up for a chilled out journey where you can ponder and think.


I love books that make me think!! Dominique is a strong headed woman with the amazing ability to quote the Bible at the most appropriate places.


Her book can be found at


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