“I’m Just Waiting for Hollywood to Call Me”- Cristiane Serruya in an Exclusive Q&A

Cópia_de__DSC6054-1While she is one of the nicest people I have ever known, her books are mean. She is the sweetest on mail but she means business when it comes to her books. Filled with Explosive Adult content, jaw dropping scenes, revelations and some of the nicest scenes I’ve read. Not to mention all those Castles which the characters own!!

Cristiane joins us for an Exclusive Question and Answer session and also offers to answer questions that YOU, the reader asks!! Please do take two minutes to fill out the feedback form and leave your questions for Cristiane.

Cris talks about her characters, the books, her research for those *STEAMY* scenes and writing

1) How has Trust changed your life?


Before I started writing, I worked as a lawyer, as you already know, full-time. But I was very unsatisfied with the Brazilian justice because I have always felt that children and women are still very much abused. Too many cases still go unpunished because they are very hard to prove and there is a chauvinist view of these abuses – or rather, let’s use the real word, crimes. And I’m talking about many types of abuse: verbal abuse, violence and sexual violence.

Now, I’m writing about this and I can talk freely and I can punish those men with my own hands. Because there is a thin line  between abuse and a hot alpha male.

I’m totally dedicated to this now, although I still have a few cases that I’m finishing.

13402) A release of your story, in two sentences?


Sophia, Ethan and Alistair are wealthy, good-looking, intelligent and successful in their own fields. But they all have deep scars from terrible events that happened in their lives, even ending with the death of a loved one. When they meet, on billionaire Europe, in late 2009 and early 2010, love, drama and jealousy ensue and their encounters will change their deepest certainties and alter their outlooks on life, as only love can.

(That’s beautiful Cris at a function!! ————————————————————————>)

3) Tell us a little bit about the conflict in TRUST.


Trust: A New Beginning is a love story where, just as in real life, it doesn’t matter if you are rich and powerful, if you wear Channel or drive a Mercedes 722SRL, bad things – and good – will happen to you. Yeah, money helps and rich people’s lives may seem easier, smoother, but when tragedy strikes, it does with a vengeance that shocks because they weren’t expecting it. They didn’t think the problems would reach them.

My trilogy tells the story of three main characters that have almost everything in life, but love. They have a lot of life history and so many secrets hidden in their past that they’ll need to relearn how to trust and give themselves the chance to begin anew. So, Trust: A New Beginning seemed appropriate. All the titles of my books come from something one of the characters has said somewhere in the book. *grin* Sophia, Ethan and Alistair help me a lot.

4) Introduce us to your main characters. 


Sophia is a 25 year old Brazilian lawyer that moved to London after a tragic incident. She is intelligent and loves her work. Sh

truste is beautiful but doesn’t care about her beauty. She is a loving mother. Well, she sounds perfect, doesn’t she? But, yes, she has imperfections. Many! She gets angry, she is anguished, she is stubborn, so on and so forth. I like characters that have imperfections, it shows that they are human.

Ethan is an intelligent, wealthy and handsome man. But deep troubled and hurt in his soul. He is like so many deranged and troubled people that infest our world today. He’s the fruit of horrible parents, who, one way or another, profoundly hurt their offsprings because they are selfish, criminally negligent or perverted. I do believe in John Locke’s principle that people are born tabula rasa. Children need care and education. They need limits and love, so they can grow healthily and learn to live in society.

Alistair, as Ethan, is very intelligent. He had a very kind and gentle family. However, intelligence doesn’t mean that the heart is protected. Alistair has a very high-sex drive and he was tangled in his late wife’s web that only wanted his status, wealthy and stamina.  She has had a gorgeous woman, selfish and manipulative. She introduced him to BDSM and when he established some rules, she rebelled and in the end killed their daughter and herself in a car accident. She transformed his gentle and caring soul in an angered and tortured man that believes he doesn’t deserve to be loved and lives to punish every woman that wants him.

5) How did you research for the book? Especially the (spoiler alert) Castles in Scotland?7200f-evening2bfalls2bon2beilean2bdonan2bcastle252c2bscotland


I’ve lived in London, and other many countries in Europe. Also I have traveled a lot. I have been to most of the restaurants, tearooms, hotels and castles that I described. And a little bit of imagination does wonders.

6) The book is FILLED with HOT, HOT, HOT scenes!! What helped you write those *Naughty Grin*


Very good question! *wink* And you are very curious, aren’t you?

Well… I do sex and who doesn’t do it, wants to do it. I’m 43 years old and have been married for almost 21 years. So, I think I have learned something during this time.

My Law School thesis was about Women and Child Abuse and I’ve heard many causes been told and I had inclusive to write about them.

7) What is the Special Surprise in TRUST: Betrayed?


TRUST: BETRAYED journeys back into the past to reveal the secrets and dark deeds of Sophia, Ethan and Alistair. Each one of them will need to overcome their guilt, fear and pain and learn to see themselves through forgiving eyes. The name reveals that betrayal is something can be done in many different ways.

The book is huge: 558 pages, but the story flows smoothly and fast. cris

Sophia decided to start a serious relationship with Alistair, what drives Ethan crazy. In the sequel, we can see that a man is capable of many things when the subject is the woman he loves. But, at the same time, the flashes of Ethan’s past helps us to understand a bit of everything he feels.

On the other hand, Alistair tells Sophia all about his past life. And, OMG, the man has suffered! And still does! His dead wife’s ghost still chases him, and he can’t stop feeling guilty about what happened with his daughter.

And what can I tell about Sophia? If you thought she was a perfect woman while reading the first book, please, read this one. Her past is not as amazing as she pretends to be. The woman regains her memory and shows she is totally controlled by her emotions.

Well, it’s hard to share much of the story without giving it away, and I really don’t want to spoil the surprise. (We Wouldn’t want THAT!!)

8) Have you considered making a film out of this?


Well, I’m just waiting for Hollywood to call me. Do you know somebody there? 🙂

9) Can We Have a Family Photo Please?

Yes!!! Here you go!! My daughters, Raphaela and Giovanna and my loving husband!! The Second one is me and my husband!!

Noivado Janet 361











That makes two very lovely photographs!!! You have a beautiful family Cris!!!

Cris has released her Second book in the Trilogy called TRUST: BETRAYED. It is waiting for a fresh pair of hands to read it!!

(I Hope You enjoyed the Interview! If you have any questions for Cristiane or would like to be featured on my blog, or read previous posts featuring Cristiane, I request you to fill in this questionnaire and feedback form!!

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Please do send in your questions and Cristiane and I will be very glad to answer them!! You can send Cristiane the naughty ones too as she will very gladly answer them!!

About the Author

I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with my husband and two daughters. I’m a lawyer, who specializes in cases of sexual abuse and violence against children and women. I also have a Masters in Business Law and a BA in Fine Arts.
I’ve always loved to read, write and listen to music. I lived and studied in England, France, Italy and Switzerland. Traveling is one of my passions – as is keeping fit and healthy.
After twenty-two years of practicing law, I decided to give writing a go. And – amazingly – it was just the piece that was missing in my life.



5 thoughts on ““I’m Just Waiting for Hollywood to Call Me”- Cristiane Serruya in an Exclusive Q&A

  1. Niyati, congrats on the interview! You just made the right question: What helped Cris write those… err… wonderful scenes? Now, I want to know what his husband (he is a big guy, isn’t he?) things of these scenes?

  2. Ah! Camilla! You’re mean!
    So here is your answer: He just finished reading the first book after the second was published. I gave the book to some wives’ friends of him. Od course, the wives told the husbands what it was about. And they kept asking: Oh, my G-d?! Do you know what your wife has written? Where did she learn those things? WHAT? As if sex wasn’t a normal thing… As you know there’s only one sex that is really kinky, and that was, as I told Niyati, I dealt with many cases along my lawyer’s job, so that was not difficult to imagine. And also, it was there on purpose, because I wanted to great a conversation between the characters about these kind of what they are calling a new discover of women’s sexuality, abuse, and the whole BDSM thing.
    Well, when he finished the book, he did ask me how I imagined things. I said I was married to him for almost 21 years, so it was not difficult. His grin was so big, that he was settled.
    Now, I want to see his reaction to the scenes in the second book. 😀
    BTW, yes, he is a big guy, 6 foot 6! I like big, tall men! Hmmm… Just one big, tall man! LOL

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