I write to express my pain says Author Dominique Wilkins in an Exclusive


I’d initially beta read one of her stories and then quickly agreed to reading her full fledged books.

Dominique was quick to agree for an interview after me having read and reviewed 3 of her short books. Here is an Exclusive Q&A

dominique wilkinsQ. What should readers know about you?
A. My name is Dominique Wilkins. I am a 33 year old married mother of 11 yrs with two children. I was born and raised in Chicago on the South Side, in the rough part of The Englewood Area. This is one of the roughest parts of the city and one of the worst in the United States for crime and corruption. Living in this environment, most people don’t expect you to become much or get out, because most don’t. The things that happen in this area, are not isolated to this area, but actually happen all over the world, but maybe not as often or as extreme, but they happen. Through growth and my renewed faith in God, I am able to write about these issues and hope to reach others who identify with the stories to encourage them also, that trouble doesn’t last always and our scars remain, to remind us of the rode once taken, that we should remember, so that we are not damned to repeat them.
author dom12Q. What type of readers would enjoy your books?
A. I believe that mostly people from an urban area, would identify with them. Though, the problems of cheating, disrespect and jealousy are universal and can happen at any walk of life and part of the country, the books tend to have an urban setting. Due to the fact that they are short stories, I like to think that they can be geared to young adults in high school to enjoy.
Q. What are some of the titles that you have written?
A. I have a compilation of short stories where different people have just done someone so wrong, without a lack of care, that I wrote a book to share them called, “The Audacity of You!” I also have a collaboration title called, “13 Hereos,” which is the famous Bible stories retold to be shared in today’s world. In order to reach young people who may have lost interest in the stories that they think are so old and written so long ago. I have 15 short stories altogether. To name a few more there is “Drinking the Poison and Waiting on Your Neighbor to Die,” “Theresa in Wonderland,” “7:10,” and “The Bad Parent.” Those are just a few of the favorites. You can find more on http://www.AuthorDWilkinsGOODBooks.com
Q. What made you start writing these type stories?
A. I am a licensed cosmetologist. For over ten years, I heard stories and hugged people and encouraged people and invited them in for a free hairstyle to lift them up. Now, that the economy has plummeted and I am unable to earn a living that way, I have decided to still share words of encouragement and send virtual hugs through ebooks and paperbacks. It hurts me everyday to see people’s lack of respect and concern for each other, so I write to express my pain and beg for change….me and santa
Q. Where do you hope to see yourself in the future?
A. I pray that my books will continue to circulate and at least one person continues to reach out to me and share how my story helped them or touched them, as they have been doing.
Q. What would you like to happen now?
A. I would greatly appreciate if everyone who reads my books will write an honest review to share online for others to pick up one of my titles. I understand that everyone may not like all of my books, but I do know that there will be another book that they will like, so please try another until you find it.
Dominique with some readers at the recently concluded Chicago Lit Fest
me and pageant winners
Dominique with some pageant winners
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