A Sweet Read: No Regrets by Aderonke Moyinlorun

AderonkeI found this book intriguing. I beta read for the Author as a part of Goodreads

The story is about Dami Edun who is a Nigerian. She has dreams of coming to The United States and becoming a doctor. The story is her account of her time in the United States and the ups and downs she goes through.

While not flash brilliant, the story draws you for the difficulties that new students face in a country that prides on over charging for higher education, especially to the point of breaking the finances of the student entirely. It is difficult to make tuition and Dami falls into bad ways and finds herself expelled, not making the required tuition and grades.

From then on, Dami’s life goes downhill with her getting into drugs and marrying a Bar Owner. She realises the error of her ways and moves to Los Angeles to try to make it big in the film world.

Dami lands a role in an ambitious film and that takes off her career. She makes a good life of herself and opens her own clothes line, employs people and makes sure that new students don’t have financial difficulties in the future.

The book was a good read because at the end of the day, you need a little bit of goodness in your life. I believe it helps to read about someone overcoming their fears and making a success out of themselves.

This was a good book to read. I enjoyed the book and the slight romance between the two characters, Dami and Nick. Although, the book is singularly about Dami. There isn’t too much of characterisation otherwise but that’s how we all are. We tend to be myopic about everyone except ourselves so I can discount the author on that part.3 star
I loved reading about Dami overcoming her struggles. The book is a Good Read

My Rating: 3/5

Pick this book up to read about Dami’s struggle and how she overcomes it all!!

It makes you wonder about the education system that demands so much from people who are willing to go through the grind and whether we have transgressed in an opposite direction


The above is a copy of my review on Goodreads.

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