The Modern Man: Cristiane Serruya’s socket punch!!

I’ve never been the one for philosophy. Whenever I have read other authors on the subject, I have often felt spun around in words and not realising the meaning.

But this one, this one was a punch!! Straight in my face, in between my eyes!!! punch

Cristiane Serruya submitted this as a part of her course when she was 18. And WOW!! I was stunned. It isn’t hard to believe as you come to know Cris, she is a beautiful and wise lady. But back to the book!!

downloadWow!!! This book was one of those you cannot have enough of!

The words were so lyrical and sharp, it actually hurt to read. And yet, it is so true. The Modern Man has forgotten. He has left behind all the love and kindness to kindle the fire of his ambitions.

An epiphany does strike the man some lonely night. It is these lonely nights that some people stay up and reminisce. Sometimes, these thoughts change their lives.

Following the trends of the plastic society, many of us do so many things we later come to regret. Sometimes we marry under pressure or let go of our dreams or never pick up those dreams after getting chance after chance.

But Man has a chance to make everything right. IF HE WISHES.

The book starts with the Man, who for some reason cannot fall asleep that night. His mind wanders. He has forgotten how to live because of his own constant push to be ahead of the pack. He has outlived the values he grew up on. He has broken the cords that everyone is born with. He has moved on.

But, that one night as he sleeps, lonely and disturbed, he begins to remember. Those memories of times long forgotten. That gentle touch of his ma, those meals he had and enjoyed, that smile which came so freely when he was young.

What happened along the way? Where did he lose the plot? I digress as I add my own interpretations. But I cannot help it. It is books like these that make you pause and think.

“Have I made it large?” and when you think, you wonder “What have I lost making it large?”

It is true, that adage, which says that we never know the value of what we have till we lose it. I believe every one has those nights where they indulge in reconnaissance, of the past, of those dreams that they crushed, of the dreams that the society crushed.

I add one of my favorite quotes from the movie, Pursuit of Happyness here……pursuit

This quote and Cris’s book have changed my outlook. You can only get what you ask for and this is where the power of the word becomes supreme. What we ask, we get. Hence, when we ask for all that success at any cost, we have to bear the exact consequences of our actions.

cris beauty

Cristiane has delivered such a wonderful book. I read it twice already and I STILL CANNOT HAVE ENOUGH.

I need another few reads to fully absorb it. This is a book of sheer brilliance.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the book!!

“His thirst for power and his selfishness took away his wisdom, freedom, humanity, but gifted him with the monotonous security of the known, the unchanging, the unfeeling.
Was it really a gift?
Now, the man is alone in a room without human warmth, isolated by technology that solves everything, that does everything.”

His fingers touch the glass and his eyes strive, once again, to see something. But the world is shrouded in a black velvet veil. It’s all darkness.

He is blinder than a true blind person, deafer than a true deaf person; muter than a true mute person. The man has forgotten how to see, hear, speak.

He cannot sleep and voices insist on speaking inside his head. He wishes for the oblivion of sleep, sure that when he wakes up, his world will be back to function normally, with peculiar regularity. He will not have to remember this feeling, he will not have to remember the fear or the doubt that permeates his security.

And the man feels homesick. He misses a time he does not want to remember. He feels pain from the memories. Memories of when there was time to love.

If I add more, my review will become a TOTAL SPOILER!!!

crisThis book has been one of my favorites I’ve read this year.

As I write this, I feel so blessed to have known Cris and to have read for her. I really feel honored.

I really do pray that all of us realise what we have before we lose it all trying to create a perfect house of cards to show the world our perfection, yet feeling so shaky and vulnerable underneath

My Rating: 5/5


5 star

Me and Spaz, my bookworm both agree that this book DESERVES 5 Stars for the depth and wisdom contained in it!!

If you do not pick this one up, you are really missing on something big



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One thought on “The Modern Man: Cristiane Serruya’s socket punch!!

  1. Thanks for such an amazing review, Niyati.
    You know what? Life is perfect. When I wrote this work, in 1988, Hannah Arendt was rarely spoken off but in universities. Now, there’s a film about her, many people complaining about financial dictatorial ways and the way the youth can be manipulate in believing things that are not accurate chasing a dream that is just a nightmare.
    It seems that my text was in a slumber just waiting for his time to awake.
    With love from Brazil,

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