Dragon Wish: Magical War Begins

Judith spins her magical web once more in her book, Dragon Wish

Here is what the blurb reads,

A vision, a wish, and a journey plagued by evil.

Cold, desolate cliffs and a white dragon’s blue gaze captures Seren Jordan in a terrifying vision. A universe away, Paladin Fulcan–prince, captain, and sorcery-shadowed seed of dragonkind–struggles to overcome his grief during the long journey to where he must bury his wife and son. Seeing a shooting star, he violates the most sacred law of the dragonseed: he makes a wish.

A dragonseed’s wish can open the gates between realities, can alter fate. But has fate itself decreed this wish? For the throne-less dragonseed’s destiny is entwined with that of a mortal mate; their son is fated to be the One True Dragon King to rule over all the dragons. But not all dragons are content to accept one rule, and the rebels quietly gather allies to prevent the birth of Seren’s baby.

dragon wishThe book starts out with Seren trying to get the image of a White Dragon out of her mind.

On the other side (quite literally!!), a king makes a wish in haste, for a child.

And in that moment, both their lives change forever!!!

Palladin saves Seren from dying and takes her to another planet and then they make love only to find out that Seren would be carrying Palladin’s baby, a dragonseed. There begins the journey to take Seren to safety as evil dragons combine to destroy Seren and rule the “other world”

Seren and Palladin both grieve for their lost children and this draws them together. As Seren tries to adapt to her new world, she must protect the future of Avaris growing inside her and battle her confusion and raging lust for Palladin.

What happens when evil forces combine and seek to destroy everyone in their path? Can Seren stand the dragon blood growing inside her? Will she survive her pregnancy? Can Palladin save Avaris? What mysteries does the dragon land have for Seren?


This is the third book by Judith that I have read and I like that she believes in magic and tries to spin it in her stories. However, I felt the storyline in ‘Dragon Wish’ to be a little weak in that aspect. The magic seemed replaced by drama between the characters as they battled their personal biases and wishes and tried so hard to stay away from each other.

I was drawn into the new world of Avaris and I really wish that Judith had described more of the battle instead of placing an expiry date on the battle timing to end with Seren’s pregnancy! But I loved the dragon parts and I wish there had been a quest with some more mystery and clues for the reader to solve because the world of Avaris is solid and strong. Also, I could feel the magic brewing between the pages on my e-book!! I didn’t want it to end abruptly. Also, I don’t like the fact that there ALWAYS has to be a KING at the throne!! Would it be so bad to have a QUEEN?? I would have loved a princess being born. And also I would have loved to explore Seren’s psychic abilities because that was underutilised throughout the book. There were parts where the dialogue between Seren and Palladin seemed very daily soap-esque.

Having said that, I cannot fault Judith too much because I was still drawn to the book inspite of characters being very temporary!!

I loved the different world and the descriptions of the characters, their mysteries and their comparisons with Earth. It always thrills me that we are not alone in this Universe, (unless of course, the other world is trying to Kill us, in which case, I shall not be thrilled)

I enjoyed the last battle because it felt epic. I just wish there was more fighting described among the characters.

I loved that Seren wanted to stay back at the end. We can never say how our life changes and where we are steered in the course of life. All we can hope for is to stay true to ourselves and listen to our heart.

3 star


My Rating: 3/5

This book is magical in bursts and while I have my own share of grouses with the typical way the book flows, I love any bit of Magic!!

Read the book if you like Magic and like typical Romantic dialogues!!

Also, read it if you love dragons or any mythical creatures!!!


(This review is a part of the Making Connections Blog Tour with Judith Leger)

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