When It Rains: A Story of Love and Growth by Prudence Hayes

The blurb reads as

With rain chasing her at her heels and her fear of rain flowing through her veins, Nora is in a downward spiral mentally and trying to grasp onto anything that will stop her. For many years she has been trying to come to grips with her parent’s death in a car crash and a voice that she incessantly hears in her head that announces only evil.
She lives among a testosterone filled family; Pops, her uncles and cousins that have never wavered in their love but are often overshadowed by the darkness that overwhelms her.
With the loss of a friendship, running into the man who killed her parents, and her family confronting her about her issues, all with the sound of the voice echoing throughout, she is brought to the edge of insanity and to her breaking point. Will she win the battle in her mind or will she succumb to defeat?

when it rains part 2

The book starts off with Nora, a young woman who is in the depths of depression dealing with the loss of her family many years back and even dealing with a friend’s backlash.

In those emotional times, can she take a step back and ask for help? She finds herself spiraling downwards into a dark abyss and pills are her only solution. When she loses control seeing the very person who is responsible for her pain and injury, her life spins out of control. Egged on by the voice, she goes on to wreck the foundations of her life and her family.

‘When it Rains’ is a poignant account of a girl, I say girl because even though the character may be 20 years in the book, deep down in her heart, she still is a little girl.

The book is about her struggles in coming to terms with her parents death and her recovery.

While at the beginning, I did feel it was a typical book with the same old sob story, my views changed soon after. Nora is a totally lovable character. She embodies that little girl in all of us who is confused, who has so many emotions to deal with and who cannot get it out to people who matter.

When Nora narrated you felt drawn into the book. You felt the characters alive and sitting right there with you and when they laughed, you laughed. When Nora cried, you cringed!!

There were typo errors in the book which made me think I was beta reading it but I loved the book so I chose to ignore them. I was fascinated by Nora’s obsession for umbrellas. It was so interesting to imagine a house full of umbrellas.

The best part about the book has to be its ending. I have rapped books many a times for hurrying through and making a mess out of the ending but this book made it a very sweet read. I loved unravelling Pops and his story and also the fact that Nora emerged out of her problems, much much more stronger and with a firm belief that although things happened and she made mistakes, she wanted to deal with them.

I loved reading about Nora’s family. It was fascinating and they were an exciting lot of jumbly, fun-loving, loud people but also warm!! The characterisation in this book is a definite strong point. While you read you can actually bond with the characters and feel them around you. When Nora has the urge to do something rash, you can remember those times you felt like that, and you have an urge to hug her and be around with her.

What I realised after reading this book is that it is so necessary to have someone with you to talk to about anything and everything under the sun. It is amazing realising that there are people who are just like that, forming an integral part of your life. That little bit made me feel gratitude for all those who had listened to my rants and stayed with me whenever I have felt the need to talk things out, be it my parents, family or friends.



My Rating: 4/5

I really enjoyed reading this book on a rainy day in Mumbai!

I recommend this for a good light read.

It is one of those books which make you feel everything is going to be alright and that if Nora did it, you can too!

I am looking forward to read more about Nora’s adventures and I hope to read more of the author in the future.


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3 thoughts on “When It Rains: A Story of Love and Growth by Prudence Hayes

  1. Nice review. Generally, I only read books that are romance or paranormal, but you made this one seen interesting. There are those few books that are classics that I enjoy. It’s amazing how some authors are able to capture everyday life and make the boring and monotonous come alive. This sounds like one of those books.

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