Reaffirming My Faith: Picture-It Homeopathy by Aarti Patel

I never thought I would read and write a review about an illustrated book about Homeopathy but, well, Life can surprise you in weird ways.


For people who don’t know,

Homeopathy  (also spelled homoeopathy or homœopathy; is a system of alternative medicine originated in 1796 by Samuel Hahnemann, based on his doctrine of similia similibus curentur (“like cures like”), according to which a substance that causes the symptoms of a disease in healthy people will cure similar symptoms in sick people.[1] It is widely considered a pseudoscience.” (

So homeopathy even though may be considered as an alternate system of medicine is the only system I have been raised on and I was always surprised at how some sugar pills tasting weird (because of the medicines in liquid form) would make me feel better.

This review is more of my ode to Homeopathy. Over the years for the few times I have had to go to an Allopath doctor for a skin problem that kept recurring or a fracture, I stayed with allopathy and those bitter pills for a week latest and moved right back to Homeopathy. I truly believe that those 4 sugar pills in one dose make a lot of difference to my life and that my body truly relishes homeopathy (Not that I like to be sick, it is just the medicine that suits me) How else can allopathy explain how my cough which kept me awake for nights, magically disappears after taking 4-5 doses of those magic pills? Or that the debilitating pain an accident can cause to the nerves, suddenly vanishes in ONE day after some “magic” homeopathy?

homeopathy 2


So right back to the book. I have always wondered how and what went into those remedies and I got a chance to read Dr. Aarti Patel’s book

‘Picture-It Homeopathy’


Here is the blurb from Goodreads

When you meet someone new, through daily life, at work, or as a doctor seeing a patient, you form an immediate impression of that person. Over time, you get to know that person better by becoming familiar with their habits, quirks, and mannerisms. “Picture It: Homeopathy” combines both of these characteristics in learning about people through the study of homeopathy, providing picture-based snapshots with in-depth descriptions of 32 common remedies and their personalities.Whether you’re a student studying homeopathy or just interested in learning what homeopathy is all about, this unique and imaginative book offers a fun and exciting way for you to learn. Combining visual artistry with clear, concise descriptions, “Picture It: Homeopathy” makes the study of this fascinating medicine accessible to everyone. In a relaxed and humorous tone, Dr. Patel brings the study of homeopathy, and thereby people, into a fresh new light.

And the blurb is SO RIGHT!!! I am in no way a person to even review this book because all I can write is how much it is blowing my mind away.

What Dr. Aarti puts together are her notes during her studies but what she puts together is a psychological evaluation of people and their characteristics and the remedies that they would be given by a homeopathic doctor. When I was reading the various remedies and the people they suited, it actually made sense, like for example,

Lycopodium: It is a plant whose roots resemble a wolf’s claw. The Plant is hardy and can survive tough weather

Personality Type: The Lycopodium personality is tenacious, has a sharp mind and can easily adapt to changing circumstances.

This is really a wonderful science. It administers to the person the exact replica of his personality, to restore balance and health.

While this book made me introspect and love the remedy I was so lucky to receive right from childhood, it made me marvel at why this was such a feared, ridiculed and not-so-popular method of medicine. People just need to have more faith in restoring balance and being with their true selves rather than looking for quick remedies that prolong the problem not extinguish it entirely!!

This book is something everyone MUST read, not only the medical students but people who want to know more about homeopathy as a field of medicine.

The Sheer BRILLIANCE of this book is it was conceived when Aarti was taking notes during her course study!! Reading Aarti’s posts on her

aarti patel

website really shows how passionate she is about homeopathy and holistic healing and it shows in her very acute and sharp writing yet her easy flow with words.

I would recommend EVERYONE to go for the book because it makes intelligent reading.

Also it raises the important question for all the cynics,

“Would you rather just build a dam to stop the flow or look for a permanent and less damaging remedy?”

I don’t think I am in any place to rate this book because it is NOT something that I can critique or raise points in.

Also, this gives me the chance to truly give my respects and regards to people who practice homeopathy and help people find holistic remedies for their ailments!!

Spaz my bookworm and I both agree to rate this a FULL 5 STARS!!


5 star





This book has really made me question whether Modern Medicine is missing the point and whether we need to give ourselves more attention before it is too late!!


Kudos on this well written book Dr!!

To find out more about Aarti Patel, Click HERE

You MUST read her website. It has the best articles on health. It can be found HERE

Her book can be purchased on Amazon and all other leading retailers


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