A Reality Check: Criminal Decision by Jill Kramer

This book review is LONG OVERDUE because I finished reading her book a while back. Somehow, fate kept me from writing the review till today. Here goes to one of the BEST novels I have read in recent times.

The blurb reads

Divorced mother Gina Seymour fights a corrupt family court to protect her three-year-old from abuse at the hands of the child’s wealthy and powerful grandfather.

Suspecting that her little girl is being molested when she spends the night at the grandfather’s house, Gina throws herself into a court battle to change the custody-sharing agreement. But the judge, in cahoots with the influential old man, believes she is fabricating the charges. Accusing Gina of “parental alienation,” he threatens to place the child in the hands of her alleged molester.

Despite having sworn off men since her disastrous marriage, Gina falls in love with Jack, an old schoolmate of her ex. Now she’s faced with a heartwrenching decision: if the justice system won’t ensure her daughter’s safety, she must leave Jack, break the law and take her little girl on the run.

Inspired by actual cases covered by award-winning journalist Jill Kramer, CRIMINAL DECISION exposes the tragic failings of familyCriminalDecisionMockup02Mini courts throughout the nation which mistakenly place thousands of children in the homes of their abusers.

One of the points that strikes you is how close this is to reality. We all know the justice system isn’t perfect and a smooth talking lawyer can glib over every fault to the point of making the other person feel guilty. I remember enjoying such tactics in Perry Mason books, but that privilege remained there because the lawyer fought for the innocent.

What is so evident is usually slipped over as a part of procedure or because it is non-standard. This book raises harrowing questions about our own ethics, how we possibly can accept a friend’s verdict without investigating and are we making a parody of justice by relying on someone else’s word?

When the judiciary itself runs on a host of well presented opinions, then it is a scary thought that when you go for justice, even though you have a right stand, you may be on the losing side.

The characters in this book are very well drafted and your heart instantly goes out to Emily and Gina. When Gina risks everything to meet Jack, my heart really cried out, “No, don’t go, it is a trap”

While it is really evident that Emily has been abused, it is distressing to read about how the Court continually puts Gina down as a family breaker. How can one put a price on a Mother’s Instinct? We need to pull up our socks and this book is a reminder of that grim reality that stares at us in the face.

When Gina escapes with Emily, I couldn’t have been more thrilled to know that the two had another lease at life. Children have such deep minds which are so vulnerable to impressions and this book speaks volumes about that.

I really think about the numerous cases where children are abused and nobody believes them because it sounds absurd.

An Indian Show called ‘Satyameva Jayate’ also had an episode on Child Abuse where people came out and spoke about how people they knew abused them and nobody believed them. I think, even though children are innocent, they cannot lie about something like this. Abuse is very serious and our lawmakers do not consider it grave enough to met out adequate punishments. It is a sad world we live in today

This was a scary book to read. Especially the parts where Jill has added stories from real life about children being returned back to their abusive parents. This struck me very hard.

My Rating: 4/54star

This is a SHOCKING book, and quite frankly, something that you really need to read.

This book made me want to make a difference and do something for abuse victims.

Pick this book up NOW if you need one jolt to make you do something for the society!!


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