The Legend of COMET: by Author Jo Sparkes

Author Jo Sparkes’ book is all about the game of COMET!!

Today, she writes a Guest Post for us, telling us about the game that makes her book GREAT!!

Jo, it’s over to you!!!

In the book The Birr Elixir there is a game called Comet.

Comet is a game, of four teams of four men, a center cone or comet tail, and four balls of varying values. Both short and vicious, the goal is to win the highest number of points by sinking the best ball first. There are few rules on how to stop your opponent from winning.

There are varying accounts of how Comet came to be.

One claims it was created long ago on the Great Continent, and by a Trumen. The young boys would always play with balls, and one of the many challenges was to toss the ball into a basket. Prowess was measured by how many times you could sink the ball before it missed.

Keel, so the legend goes, was a young man who desired a young woman named Lyra. Lyra, however, was very beautiful, and her head was turned this way and that by all the men who wanted her.

comet 3The day came when Lyra was at the well, with three men who had followed her, teasing her to grant them a dance at the harvest celebration. In those days there were only a few dances, so Lyra was trying to decide who would be her partner.

Nearby stood Keel, idly tossing his ball into a basket. He asked Lyra for the last dance, and she denied him.comet 2

So he tossed the ball at her – and despite the thinner opening, sank it into the water jar she carried.

Immediately the men took Lyra’s jar and set it into a stump to hold it in place. Lines marked distances, and soon everyone was measuring his skill.

 Legend, for those who are interested, says Lyra granted Keel the dance. 


So this is how the legendary game of COMET started!!! To know MORE about COMET,  visit the website HERE

Author Jo Sparkes is the talented author of the series, ‘The Birr Elixir (Book #1 of the Legend of Gamesman).

Check out her profile on Goodreads HERE



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