I ask Spirit Guides for Help, says Psychic Collette Sinclair

Collette Sinclaire lives with her husband, seven children and two Golden Retrievers in a home filled with love. She believes strongly in international adoption and has three children – so far – that have been adopted from Ethiopia and Guatemala. She has a special affinity for diet cola, pajamas and cupcakes. But that can change on occasion as she’s not always ‘herself’ when she’s at work.
images-wallpaper-800-1372662452Collette has always been a staunch proponent of human rights and philanthropy, donating a great deal to many deserving organizations. She continues to do so now through The Risch Foundation, a charitable organization which focuses on the needs of children with special needs. The organization was founded by her and her husband, Camden Risch to support and help special needs children in emerging countries. Her dream is to open locations for education, health and support in countries with few resources, to care for those who need it most.
On a good day, Collette will talk with upwards of six or more dead people. On a great day, she’ll be in Paris, not talking to any dead people at all and drinking a $12 soda, somehow thinking it’s the best deal in the world. She is also continually surprised that she actually likes documentaries and art house films.
Collette is living proof that dead doesn’t have to mean boring.

Today’s Exclusive Feature in the AUGUST AUTHOR INTERVIEW SESSION has her answer a few questions

Why do you feel you had to write The Real Book of the Dead?

I didn’t write the book.  The spirits did.  It’s their life and death stories.  The Real Book of the Dead really is a book by the dead for the living.

By dead, do you really mean DEAD?

Yes, I really mean dead.  As a psychic medium, every single article, every word and chapter is the personal story of not only a deceased person’s life, but their death.  The Real Book of the Dead details exactly what each person experienced when they died, how they died and what came next as they crossed over.


So, what really happens when we die?

It all depends.  I’ve interviewed over 500 souls in developing the books.  What Happens to Bad People When They Die will be out soon, detailing exactly what it is that happens and why it’s important for people who have been through difficult times to know that there is a certain sort of cosmic justice.

What happens to good people when they die?

Each person’s experience of death is different.  What one person experiences and finds true, another person will develop and interrupt differently.  This is what makes their life and death stories so compelling. Each life and death is so deeply different and personal.

Are there any that stand out in particular for you?

There are sweet stories of unending love and harrowing stories of violent murders.  I like to carry the lighter ones, but this doesn’t mean that I’m not haunted by the darker ones.  I actually experience what the victim experiences. I experience the duct tape over the mouth. Struggling against the rope, the piercing of the knife as it goes through the skin. Without getting too graphic, it’s safe to say that I’ve died or at least had the experience of dying many, many times.

images-wallpaper-800-1372662471With that in mind, how do you let go of the violent death experiences that you have had?

I meditate and ask my spirit guides for help.  I’m naturally a very grounded person.  Having seven kids will do to you, but I’m thankful for how the experience of seeing the world through someone else’s eyes but also their death has changed me.  I think about intention and positivity much more.


Places Books Can be Found





Website: ColletteSinclaire.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ColletteSinclairePsychicMedium

You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/user/ColletteSinclaire?feature=watch

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheRealDeadGirl

Tumblr:  http://www.tumblr.com/blog/collettesinclaire

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