A Message from Spirits: The Book of the Dead by Collette Sinclair


Psychic Medium Collete Sinclaire has released the book entitled “The Real Book of the Dead,” which features real life and death stories of real people. This book imparts the truth about some reasons why people exist. It also features stories of achievements, failures, love and loss. It bestows what is waiting for individuals in afterlife. It provides readers with significant information that can increase their understanding about life and death. The first edition of “The Real book of the Dead” is now available, and the second and third edition will also be released soon.

“The Real Book of the Dead” aims to provide individuals with significant information about life and death. It can take readers to a new world that will open their mind about the reality. Aside from this, reading the book will also open the eyes of readers to see the essence of their life and make them realize how amazing it is to live. 

book of dead  As different as it sounds, I never thought I would ever read something like this. But experimentation is the name of the game and read this book I did.

This book is Collette’s collection of stories with people who have crossed over and moved on, away from their physical bodies.

There is this one quote which endeared me to the book, which I even quoted on facebook,

“There is darkness that dwells inside each of us. There is light, but there is also the dark. Man, woman or child, we each have our own darkness and our own demons. They are all of our own making. Our demons can be within us and they can also come from outside of us. These demons challenge us. It’s as though they exist to ask us to make the wrong choices. Most often we have a sense of exactly what’s right or wrong for us, but these demons can somehow make the wrong choices seem right because they’re so good at rationalizing the poor choices. Even though the wrong choice can sometimes seem like the right thing to do, but you’ll know deep down inside when it’s a wrong choice anyway” 

Reading through this book, even whether I did believe in pyschics or mediums or clairvoyant people, it did not matter. The Book can stand alone on it’s own feet. There were stories of people who died after long bouts of illness and came back to check on their loved ones. Some stories were about people who saw their life plan after they died and realised that fear had made them live a shriveled life. Some stories were about people who had a troubled life and found peace in the Afterlife.

The essence of all the stories was that regardless of what we did in our lifetime, our soul was everlasting. It learned lessons from our failures on earth and chose to return. Our soul also grew and matured after learning the mistakes we committed during our lifetime as against what we planned when we were going to come back to the earth.

Each story was a small reminder that our time here is limited. There was one story which was particularly impactful.

Bob, an Accountant, was so scared of death that he never did anything, or ventured out, or even spoke to people. After a while he became so paranoid that he feared hospitals for germs and didn’t go there when he needed to get an ulcer removed. When he died, he realised that because of his debilitating fear of everything going wrong and death, he had crippled his life. He had forgotten how to live. His thinking had turned his body against itself and ultimately caused his death.

Each story ended with the soul being forgiven for the mistakes and an overwhelming feeling of love which gave deep rest to the person who just died.

This isn’t one of the usual books which you would pick up and read. But it made me think about the finality of life itself and made me wonder of the happiness we kept postponing just because we thought we had “more time”. For this message, even if it is from people who have passed away, I am grateful.

The 25 stories here will leave you contemplating and will make you think. IT IS A GOOD READ FOR SURE!!


My Rating: 4/5


This book is something that will make you think. It is a unique and a different read.




Collette Sinclaire lives with her husband, seven children and two Golden Retrievers in a home filled with love. She believes strongly in international adoption and has three children – so far – that have been adopted from Ethiopia and Guatemala. She has a special affinity for diet cola, pajamas and cupcakes. But that can change on occasion as she’s not always ‘herself’ when she’s at work.

On a good day, Collette will talk with upwards of six or more dead people. On a great day, she’ll be in Paris, not talking to any dead people at all and drinking a $12 soda, somehow thinking it’s the best deal in the world. She is also continually surprised that she actually likes documentaries and art house films.
Collette is living proof that dead doesn’t have to mean boring.


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