A Taste of Cowboy Humour: Bullwhacked by Kathy Cohen


The Blurb reads,

Cooper Lydell, retired bull rider and stage-father extraordinaire, is on a journey to find his son in this humorous mystery and caper rolled into one. Strangers are soon following him and murders start occurring as he doggedly pursues his meal ticket.

The book starts with Tommy winning a  competition. Cooper is a retired bull rider who discovers his son’s talent by mistake and decides to spend his days out on Tommy’s earnings. He becomes a coach and his manager and spends his time plotting the competitions Tommy can go to and the winnings he can make.

His plans are chucked out of the window quite literally when his newly purchased Mercedes sprouts a problem and Tommy gets into a red convertible with a blonde and drives off leaving Cooper, quite literally, stranded.

The book is about how Cooper tries to find Tommy across the Rodeo circuit along with his partner, Darla and their friends, Reanna and Clyde. Cooper has to make his way to different places, battling a dwindling cash account, cancelled credit cards and laid off business managers.

The perpetrators turn out to be brother-sister and uncle combo who are looking to make a quick buck. Cooper nearly avoids getting killed twice and deals with the death of one of his fellow riders, Jimminez.

The end is a hilarious combination of the various directions the story shot out at, and the ultimate answer to all questions.

I enjoyed reading the book. The language is easy and the story is firm. The characters are well drafted and the reader is kept in two minds about the final conclusion. After harping about books which did not have a good ending, I enjoyed this one, where every character’s true purpose in the end is found out. I admire Cooper’s determination to get back his son and also in solving a murder.

There are often mysteries which are so well written that you feel heavy after reading it, inspite of it being a Good Read. This was a book where there was action and mystery which never overpowered the reader. I liked it for this.

Also, reading about how easily Tommy got enraptured by the blonde looking to make a quick buck, I just wondered whether all the sheltering that our parents gave us was good. It made me debate. I did believe that no child should be exposed to the cruelties of the world at a young age but also that a certain amount of instruction was necessary because in reality, this world is genuinely NOT a nice place to be in, unless you are with good and loving people.

It also made me want to read more about Cooper and Tommy’s capers and I hope that there are more books in the series.

My Rating: 3.5/5

3.5 starts



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