Cliche yet Thrilling- Cedar Hollow by Tracey Smith

The blurb reads

Cassidy St. Claire still wasn’t sure what she’d been hoping to find when she began the search for her birth parents, but all she’d uncovered was a bunch of death certificates and one ailing great-uncle who’d finally kicked the bucket last week. Since Cassidy is the last surviving member of the family that means his estate, a small seaside bed and breakfast in New Hampshire, has been left to her. An odd stipulation in his Will requires that she appear in person to inherit the property. Cassidy isn’t very hopeful that this weekend trip will lead to anything more than a momentary distraction from her busy life, and an excuse to take her convertible for a long drive up the coast.
She certainly isn’t prepared for Mr. Tall Handsome and Brooding; Ben Riley has been running the bed and breakfast for the last several years, and he is definitely less than welcoming. His instant dislike for her is staggering, but his penetrating green eyes burn with a dangerous mixture of hostility and attraction.
Within days of her arrival an attempt is made on her life and then another. Suddenly Cassidy finds herself trying to unravel the mysteries of the past, while outrunning the dangers of the present and finally turning to the strong, protective arms of Ben Riley and a future she’d never imagined.

The book starts off with Cassidy taking a break from her unrelenting work schedule. She drives down to New Hampshire to solve a small issue in her inheritance and to try and dispose off the property. What she does not expect, is a handsome caretaker for the property and a series of incidents meaning to kill her.

She uncovers old family secrets and discovers that there  is a price on her head. She opens a whole can of worms which turns her life upside down.

When I read the book initially, it was very cliche, the story, somewhat similar to Sweet Home Alabama, the movie starring Reese Witherspoon. The book started off on a similar line. The successful lady, goes to an unknown town with a shady past. A family tree notorious for deaths.

But inspite of being a cliche from the cover or the blurb rather, the story had a refreshing breath to it. I did not expect the twist that came with Cassidy uncovering her family past and certainly did not expect the ending. I did of course predict that Ben and Cassidy would be together.

What I really enjoyed were the descriptions of the farm attached to the Lodge in New Hampshire and the thrilling feeling that came with reading a good book. I enjoyed having a feeling that something is going to happen. There were shivers running down my back when an accident happened or that Cassidy discovered clues that did not add up. I stayed up all the way upto 1AM reading and finishing this book, even though I had work. That is how much I enjoyed the book apart from the romantic parts or the parts about the chemistry.

While the chemistry between Cassidy and Ben sizzles, I found it an unnecessary ingredient into the book and would have loved it just the same without the love and romance. I expected this book to be something else and it EXCEEDED my expectations. I was happy that it was not all about the romance.

My Rating: 3.5/5 

3.5 starts


This was an enjoyable read and I recommend it.

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