Short and Sweet: The Girls by Victor J Banis

The blurb reads,

If you ever thought that animals can’t know true love, you never knew the girls. This emotional short story from legendary author Victor J. Banis will appeal to both dog lovers and all fans of Banis’ writings.

I have started this trend of reading and reviewing short stories, what I call “shorts” on Goodreads and this is the second book which I picked up. It was my first book by Victor J Banis and it is certainly not my last.

When I started reading the book, I didn’t originally get the drift. I didn’t realise I was reading about dogs. I thought I was reading about two women enjoying each other in many ways and I felt, what have I got myself into?

Then as I read the name of a Shepherd, I realised, “Oh, they are dogs!!”. Visibly my stance altered and I read the book with more ease.

This is a short story of how two dogs get so attached to each other that they would not be separated, for better or for worse. Having known dogs and loved them, I can totally understand the attachment that one forms when you have a dog around. I do not have dogs staying with me at home, but I take care of them in the society and I can see their affection for each other and also for me.

I enjoyed reading this story and the end really made me feel sad. This is a short story you MUST READ.

My Rating: 3.5/5

3.5 starts



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