Story gone Awry- By The Pound: Marcus Bleecker

Whites, colors, darks. It seems like doing laundry would be a fairly simple task, but for many people there just isn’t the time. Enter a place like By the Pound, where you can simply drop off your clothes and pick them up later, clean and folded. Sure, it may be a bit awkward to have someone launder your “private items,” but it’s all about convenience. Well, unless you’re the poor protagonist in this story, who soon finds that his bag of clothes may have to sit unclaimed at the wash and fold laundromat because he’s too embarrassed by the items inadvertently left in the side compartment of his laundry bag.

A hilarious short story from Emmy-nominated cinematographer, author and drummer for The John Popper Project, Marcus Bleecker.

I guess the last line above is the most misplaced line and use of language I have ever read. After reading this book, I was happy that this was a short story and that the author had finished the book in just 7 pages.

The story doesn’t have any logic or sense or flow and while I really struggled to laugh, the end left me really really confused. I didn’t want to outright bash a book into nothingness but when I saw that other people had similar reactions, I steeled myself. A review is an opinion after all.

The only reaction I do have to this book is “WHAT?! I’m confused…. again, What?” This one sentence probably describes whatever I have to say about this book. I really wish the author had thought about this because it feels more like a blog post than a book.

I don’t really want to write for the sake of being mean. I would have been better off reading another book in my time.

My Rating: 1/5

Spaz agrees to not give out stars for this book. I wish the author luck in his future projects and wish that they are a little more thought out.


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