A Brain Stimulating Read: The Owners Manual for Driving Your Adolescent Brain

Think you know everything about your brain? Think again! In this exciting follow-up to Your Fantastic Elastic Brain, you’ll get the goods on glia and the news about neurons, presented in a fun and engaging format. Hang on to your hemispheres, and prepare to have your mind boggled as you learn about the workings of the brain in its first decade.

1458_brain_ii_webWhen I got this review request, I was instantly hooked. I’ve always found the brain so fascinating. This book is a MUST read for young children who are just entering into their teens or those who have entered into their teens (8-13). This book explains what happens behind the scenes, like say if you were to write something, the process that happens and how your brain functions.

I’ve always read and read about how the mind is a repository for limitless power and the brain, its computer. The Brain is such a mystery that after years of research and scientific study, there are still mysteries which have not been decoded. While that makes another whole subject altogether, this book is a simple, well-illustrated and an interesting read about the brain, neurons and especially the nervous system that supports the body.

Very little is known about how the brain and the nervous system functions and it is true when the authors, Dr. JoAnn Deak and Terrence Deak say that to master and control the brain and indeed your life, you must know what it is and how it works. It is no wonder that this book is done so well, it must come from extremely intelligent and highly specialised knowledgeable persons.

I read this book in one sitting. I enjoyed reading it so much, that I plan to recommend it to as many people as I can. We all can never be too careful and reading about the brain and nerves will give the child a real boost and a sneak peak into the wonder which is the HUMAN BODY.

I have to give credit to the illustrator, Freya Harrison because without the illustrations, the book, albeit an excellent one, would not have been so captivating. I felt I was a child again, to read the book and I felt the book was just the right size.

My Rating: 5/5

5 star


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