Comically Delightful Mystery: Beach Bum Brett

The Blurb Reads

Beach Bum Brett“Private detective Brett Cornell decides to go on vacation, and hits the sunny, golden shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean, where he quickly captures the 3 A’s (the attention, admiration, & affections) of as many of the lovely young bikini-clad beauties as he could ever desire!

So, what could possibly go wrong?

Well — as Brett himself would say — as sure as rain is wet and water is…well…wet, Brett’s self-appointed reign as King of the Beach is soon threatened when a few of the local tough guys decide to engage him in a bit of fisticuffs so that it doesn’t take long before the unscrupulous bastard himself begins to catch a whiff of MURDER in the salty sea air.

Only, this time he himself may very well be the intended victim!”

When I read the blurb in the Making Connections Group, I just knew I needed to read this!! And I was totally REWARDED!!! This book was one of the FUNNIEST books I have ever read!! And there was a fair bit of mystery involved too!!!

I found the writing so light and frothy that I finished the book in record time (=although the review is well beyond late, for which I truly apologise) I even ended up adding all the #BrettCornell books for review (There are 9 such hilarious and amazingly well written books!!)

The story starts with Brett relaxing at the beach, far from the maddening crowd literally which is a result of his previous escapades. While Brett is sitting around, getting affection and attention, he lands himself in another mystery.

A word about Brett, in the author’s own terms, he is, an unscrupulous bastard!! No Morals and the like!! And with ruggedly good looks, it isn’t too difficult to have a good time at the beach. I’d say for quite a while I did enjoy Brett’s outrageous behaviour and laughed out at his responses and how he drove everyone mad!!

There was a point where I really did get annoyed though, of how absolutely shameless Brett can be!! The reason I’d picked the book was a mystery and there was no end to the loopy reveal of Brett’s shaggy adventures. But right when I was about to put the book away, the mystery came through. Mind you, this isn’t one of those glaring, hard core, drawing-in type mysteries, a simple cold blooded murder. But the characters and the ease with which Brett finally solves the mystery is nice to read!!

I enjoyed this book for its hilarity and how the author made me laugh and smirk!! Although I wouldn’t exactly call this a mystery, it nevertheless prompted me to go and try all of the ‘Brett Cornell’ Series in the lookout for some serious laughs!!

My Rating: 3/5

3 star

While It has been a long time since I chanced a 3, the book is not a bad one!!! It is something that you can read when you need a BREAK!!


Pick the book up and enjoy a laugh-out-loud break!!


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