Edge of the Seat Short: Booneville Retribution

booneville retribution

The blurb for the book reads,

“Larry’s a hardworking Vietnam vet who loves his country and is proud of his small town roots. He’s lived the better part of his life in Booneville, where Old Glory flies proudly over town square, and the Fourth of July is the biggest celebration of the year. Then, the closing of Halport Industries—the town’s economic lifeblood—devastates Booneville’s residents. Families are torn apart, small businesses dry up, and once lively neighborhoods become nothing but rows of abandoned houses. However, when the downturn of the economy threatens the town’s Fourth of July festival, Larry becomes determined to change things. Risking everything, he devises a plan to make the people forget about their problems and restore a sense of pride in their community and their country. A short story.”

Continuing my latest taste for ‘Shorts’ or Short Stories, I picked up Booneville Retribution by Untreed Reed publishers.

I was immediately drawn to the story. I found myself imagining a town on the brink of ruin because of a Corporate Profit Making Decision and I found my heart going out to them. It is so tough to manage with rising prices these days. The people who have made their money are long gone. Still new people come in everyday trying to make a Ponzi Scheme run.

This book has undercurrents which really make it a winner for me. I have enjoyed reading this one truly. I laud Larry and his efforts to make the town smile, even though it may have repercussions on his private life. 

When the whole neighborhood is down, low and sad, it takes so much effort to make them smile. I realised that we make our smiles very expensive and our frowns very cheap. It isn’t a difficult task. The world isn’t a nice place and given all our circumstances, people would rather frown than smile.

This book shone of patriotism and love for the country. It is what everyone should have a go at.

My Rating: 4/5

A Good Country Loving, Drawing and Attractive Book!! 




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