Heartwrenching: Saying Goodbye to Warsaw- Michael Cargill

Saying Goodbye to Warsaw

The Blurb Reads

” Like any girl who is loved by her family, Abigail Nussbaum loves to chase butterflies, enjoys lying on her back looking for shapes in the clouds, and happily teaches young children to make daisy chains.

In the eyes of certain people, however, Abigail has committed a heinous crime. The year is 1940; the place is Poland; Abigail happens to be Jewish.

Along with half a million other Jews, Abigail and her family are evicted from their home and forced to live in the bombed out ruins of Warsaw, the Polish capital.

Although a handful decide to fight back, is the uprising strong enough to save Abigail’s spirit?”

I’ve never read a Holocaust book before and this was my first one!! And I have really had my heart wrenched out!! The contents of this book were totally new to me. I knew seldom little about the Jews in Poland, often having read about other concentration camps. I had no idea that Jews in Poland were made to live in a ghetto or that they were made to go to a concentration camp called Treblinka. I had read about other concentration camps but not this one.

And this book made me cry. The book does not have excess violence or crude and cruel writing. But it is written from an innocent and sweet point of view of little and gentle Abigail. Reading the book made me feel so much more grateful for the shelter over my head, the relatively peaceful situation in my country, 2-3 meals in a day. I never realised the extent of torture people had to endure just to satisfy the ego of one man.

I felt so drawn into Abby’s world. She is so sweet and so simple. It made me want to watch her all the time. I felt really bad for her in the end.

Although a lot of debates can be indulged in, that isn’t the purpose here. What we are talking about is this BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL book. I cannot recommend this enough. To everyone. For a healthy dose of gratitude.

I have absolutely enjoyed reading this book. I finished reading this book fast fast fast!! Even the author was surprised with my progress. I almost gulped the whole book down. I found the book so high on emotions. There was so much of feeling in the book. I really felt swayed away sometimes, reading about how hard Leo and Abby had to work to find a morsel of food. And how Abby finds a ray of hope in these dark ages.

I felt so sad towards the end, which marked the beginnings of Polish Ghetto Uprising. I did my fair bit of research and felt really sad reading about the end, and how all the main characters are drawn into the fight to get out of the ghetto. I found it so sad that even though people were holed inside, there were Jews who were well off and those who had enough supplies. It is sad that our world favours money over humanity.

My rating: 4 STARS

This book is a MUST READ!!!


One thought on “Heartwrenching: Saying Goodbye to Warsaw- Michael Cargill

  1. I’ve read this review three times now and I’ll probably read it another three times before the weekend is up.

    What I like about this one is that not only did you enjoy the story, but it made you want to read other stuff about the Holocaust too. I think I’m going to shed a tear myself actually…

    Anyway, thanks for reading and thanks enormously for the review.

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