The Birr Elixir: Teaser


The Lovely and Attractive Cover for ‘The Birr Elixir’

He took the brew, staring at her. “How did you bring me here?” There was much anger in his voice. No confusion, just anger.

And he didn’t repeat himself, as most men would. No shouting, no threatening gestures. He simply waited for her response.

It dawned on Marra that this man was from a very different world than her own.

“By sand pony, my lord.”

His flash of anger was quickly controlled, but she feared it none the less. “Why?”

“We found you. Snark had you – and we could not leave you with him. He is not a good man.”

She told him all she knew of Snark, and discovering him in Mistress Britta’s shop. And when he asked, of San Cris, and Drail. He accepted everything but Drail’s defeat of the Skullan. “I still don’t know where I am.”

“The Sandy towns. The Flats of Beard.” He frowned at her as if none of those words meant anything at all. Marra impulsively added, “the Wavering Continent, on the –”

“Wavering Continent.” He whispered the words, but she felt as if he’d shouted them. What deeds had Snark been doing?

jo sparkes

Author Jo Sparkes

The Man sipped his drink, staring off at worlds unseen. She waited, but he spoke no more. When the others stirred, she hurried to fetch their tea.

“He’s awake,” she whispered to Drail, handing him his mug. Drail merely grinned, rolling upright. “Well done,” he told her. And strode off to talk to the man.

Hesitating only an instant, Marra followed.

The Man didn’t say much. He asked Drail where they were, but seemed to have already accepted what Marra had told him. Drail offered to help him get home, but the Man didn’t seem interested. He continued to stare off into space. The only further reaction from him was when Drail asked if he knew anyone in San Tray.

The Man actually laughed.

Around the fire the others stirred, and Drail turned to join them. He did throw one last question over his shoulder.

“What’s your name, man?”

There was hesitation.

“Tryst,” the stranger finally sighed. “I was Tryst.”


The Birr Elixir can be found on Amazon  and Barnes & Noble

Author Jo Sparkes can be found on her lovely website,!!


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