My Favorite Vampire Story: The Bloodline: Forbidden Hunger



What an Attractive Cover this Makes!!!!

The Blurb reads,


Meet Zanette Amelia, the first Vampire. Struggling through life by denying her destiny, she soon realises that, if she is to protect herself and her heart she must embrace her life as Vampire Queen. Finding comfort in a self-built empire she soon discovers that danger isn’t far behind. She is under attack and is left with a decision whether or not to cut all ties with the past and start a fresh or risk hers and everyone else’s future to be what she always wanted to be:…Normal? Follow Zanette Amelia into a world of pure pain, tragedy and loss, heartbreak and fear. A woman you love to read and hate to be alive. Who’s side will you take on this incredible journey through power, love and acceptance? If you love Twilight, Interview with the Vampire and Underworld this is your book. Packed full of action, emotion and love and betrayal. “Welcome to the Bloodline” Amelia

One of the most misleading points here in the blurb is the resemblance to Twilight. While I have no qualms with the Twilight lovers, it has not been something I have enjoyed. But this book has changed my outlook, quite literally, about Vampire Books.

Zanette Amelie finds herself turned into a monster through a quirk of fate. As she navigates her life through her new found powers, she finds herself leaving her old life and her grandpapa behind. Amazed with her new sense of powers and driven by an urge to feed, she travels across the continent, creating a loyal servant Lucas and on the way finding love.

When Zanette finds her love and dreams shattered, she goes wild. She decides to fructify her intentions to rule the world. She sets forth with her servant Lucas and finds herself a suitable place to start her coven.

Will her intentions manifest? What happens when she encounters the past? How can she create more like herself and still continue to control them? What happens when she faces opposition? Can she afford to kill without someone becoming suspicious?

The questions are enough to make you think. Although the book is long, the length is lost in a brilliantly written story and solid characters. I have loved reading this book and I kept sneaking my way to the story in spite of my work.

Amelie reminds me of Charlize Theron from Snow White and the Hunstman and I found myself comparing their strengths and weaknesses and finding the character getting stronger! I admired the writer’s ability to thrash out Amelie’s fears and tribulations, her battle with the past and her decisions for the future. Reading into the mind of a cold and ruthless leader was a little shocking, I’d not expected to read about regret and love. I thought Amelie was a cold-blooded monster.

One of the most interesting points of the book is the complex and layered characters. The book swerved through Points of Views of Amelie and Her Avenger. There was never a dull moment in the book. I felt I had to peel every character to understand what substance they were made of. I felt Amelie truly regretting what she had become and I felt sad for her. This was not a fate she chose, not becoming a Vampire.

In a way this was like reading a Prequel to all Vampire books. This was how it started. And it was a satisfying one. I could never have fathomed the end. NEVER!! The end was BRILLIANT. I have no words.

I could really imagine this being played out like a film and I truly hope it goes to the big screen one day!! Kudos to the author!!


My Rating: A Well Deserved 4/5





3 thoughts on “My Favorite Vampire Story: The Bloodline: Forbidden Hunger

  1. I could not have written a better review than this. A truly brilliant story of how Amelia came to be. Quite right that it seems to be a prequel for things to come! I havent quite finished it yet and cant wait to know about this ending! A book I truly became involved with. A movie in print. Nothing like twilight and all the better for it. Roll on the sequel !!!

    • Hey, thank you for checking the review out and for your kind words!! I am glad you enjoyed the review!!

      Do share it with people so we can promote the book. The Author is a good friend and I shall feature an interview with him soon. Stay Tuned.

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