The Bloodline: Forbidden Hunger- Chapter Reveal




The Bloodline: Forbidden Hunger can be found on AMAZON.

It had been just such a day in mid-winter. I had fallen into a deep sleep one night, when something awoke me from my slumber…

It was the dead of night. I stood listening to the sounds of the forest as the moon shone through the treetops and the clear sky above showed off the distant stars. I became aware of hearing the smallest sounds. I was surrounded by a cacophony of movements of animals and insects, shuffling and crawling, seeking food and a mate. I heard hogs grunt, bats call, moths kiss the air with their wings, the glissando of spiders at their tapestries.

A soft wind raised my skin and arose in me a shiver. The night embraced me, closed my eyes and wrapped me in its damp, earthy perfumes as I breathed. My senses popped with the sweet, raw smell of prey. I felt truly alive. My nose traced streams of the aromas in the air; my dark, wide eyes darted back and forth to pinpoint the direction of the mesmerising scent. I began to run. I felt at one with the energy of the Earth, as if she were giving me her full power. Her energy pulsated though the forest and into me as if we were the same animal. Blood coursed through my veins as I leapt through thickets and over fallen branches, their thorns and bracts tearing my skin as I pushed undeterred through overgrown ferns and slipping through the trees until I arrived at an opening.

A man stood alone and still, staring away from me into the dense woodland. I couldn’t see his face. His scent was rich and my mouth flooded with expectant saliva. I was momentarily confused at my feelings but at the same time it felt normal, right. I stole up behind him, but he didn’t even turn. I noticed the forest around me became eerily quiet, no mouse shuffled, no fox leapt, no sound could be heard except the clear stark thumping of his heart.

I felt my mouth open and down came long slender fangs. I ceased seeing him as a person. At that moment he meant one thing only to me: food. I stroked the back of his neck and inhaled his deep, musky scent, yet still he did not move. I felt my hands wrap around his throat to pull him closer. I squeezed tighter and heard the rasping of liquids rushing up and down inside his neck. I leaned in to the sound of the rhythmic beat calling out from his body. Only then did his head turn towards me. I knew the face only too well. The intense noises of the forest at night ceased in an instant as I froze in shock… “Grandpapa!”

The Bloodline: Forbidden Hunger can be found on AMAZON.




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