The Book Changed me – Changed Forever: Steven Misosky

changed forever


The Blurb reads

“Author Steven Misosky offers here a book for the Young Adult reader, but the scope of the book, simplistic as it may be presented at times, is one that should touch the minds and lives of all who read it. It is filled with pearls of wisdom…
…Though in summary it sounds a bit heavy for a YA novel, Misosky unravels his novel with such an accessible tone that what follows – the exploration of dreams, the subconscious, the universe, karma and the conscious mind – allows the reader to slowly expand the mind through a series of short yet meaningful dreams that feel like well-sorted short stories. A finely sculpted book this, not without its flaws, but refreshing to see that some writers are paying attention to the thinking minds of young adults whom we often fear are lost in the ether of frivolous social media.”


This book has been an eye opener!!

I’ve always found dreams to be a fascinating subject and experience and this book covered just that. Our mind is a super power and most of us never realise it, as we carry out our daily lives. I enjoyed reading this book very much.

What really amazed me is the depth of the author’s knowledge about Spirituality and Dreams. The subsconscious mind is an interesting realm and it holds mysteries which no science has been able to solve till date. I enjoyed the intellectual debate that the book provided.

I’ve also had weird dreams when I was growing up, some which leave a deep impact on my mind. I think I am going to use the technique the author suggested and maintain my own Dream Journal (=Read the Book, Yes pick it up right AWAY)

The usual thoughts while reading a book are the element of surprise or a twist or the characters or something dark happening to the characters but I never felt their absence in this book. I found it a pleasant change to read about our origins, how ancient knowledge was embedded in so many forms (=Tarot for one!!) and how we should go on a quest to
uncover these mysteries.

I’ve been a spiritual person since I was a child and this book provided the nourishment for me to take that one step forward to move towards Spiritual Knowledge and fulfillment.

The Main Ingredient of the book, the dreams were amazing to read. I could actually imagine them happening in front of my eyes as I read them. I kept turning the pages and re-reading what had been written before.

I loved the personal note included by the author in the end of the book. I shall be watching out for further books of this series.


My Rating: 4/5

This book really made me want to explore the hidden reservoir of knowledge inside us!! I am waiting for the other books in the series




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