Disappointment: Mahaha’s Victims by Giselle Renard

When crafty Kooloo takes Gyta out in her truck, things get a little too hot and heavy for Gyta’s liking. The attention is nice, but she just wants to go home. En route, the truck hits something big. Damned if it isn’t a girl! And not just any girl–with her bare feet, sinewy limbs, blue skin, and sharp acrylic fingernails–this willowy slip could only be Mahaha, the mythological Inuit monster.

In the elders’ stories, Mahaha’s long fingers were able to tickle a person to death. She was a cruel creature, but easily tricked by any clever Inuk. Just lead the monster to the water and push it in. Easy enough.

Kooloo’s got a plan to escape the monster’s ticklish clutches: push the half-naked creature into the local watering hole. Gyta doesn’t know who to feel sorrier for–Mahaha, or the boys at the bar. But can the women execute their brilliant plan before it’s too late? A short story.

I had been reading Shorts or Short Stories in that phase and I picked this one up too. And OH MY GOD. This book was a really huge disappointment.

The book starts off with a creepy description. Kooloo is pushing Gyta to the limit scaring her with tales of Mahaha and teasing her sexually. Gyta can’t help but feel uncomfortable. They find someone who they think is Mahaha and they wonder what they can do to escape a near certain death. You wouldn’t want to be Mahaha’s Victim Would You??

The more I think about this book, the more glad I am that this was a SHORT STORY!! THANK GOD!! The spook was so artificial that I was literally wondering whether the author strung the words together for the heck of it. The end just did not make any sense and I was left with this feeling that I was cheated. I hate it when the blurb is good but the story fails to live up to the blurb.

What sort of thoughts does Gyta go through? In the first half of the story, she is seen to be uncomfortable with Kooloo’s increasingly sexual advances and then feels jealous as Kooloo picks up a presumably high-on-drugs girl from in front of the truck. Are you really kidding me?!! What follows this, does not even merit a write up!! The girl is somehow disposed off, in a shady watering hole where god alone knows what fate she will face and then the two girls, amazed at being free from Mahaha, walk away guilt free.

I can only recommend you to NOT read this one. Because it is NOT WORTH the time. Or the Money. I know of other authors writing a full length novel which are miles better than this one!

My Rating: 1/5

Poor Poor and Even More Poor



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