I wanted to Talk About How Vampires Came into Being, says Indie Author C.J Black

His book took on so many others and spoke about the ORIGINS of Vampires! It really made me believe this book is the Mother of ALL VAMPIRE BOOKS!

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1. Tell me about yourself

A: My name is Paul Gibson ( Craig Jack Black or C.J Black) I am the Author of The Bloodline – Forbidden Hunger. I live in the North East of England in a small town called Yarm. I am 28 and live with my life long partner and best friend. I have one older brother called Lee who lives in Wales and my wonderful and supporting parents Craig and Annette Gibson who have supported me through my journey and encouraged me to write. My passion is writing but never use to be, I’m a huge Sci Fi fan and I love thrillers and horrors. Reading and watching movies. I love to read mainly vampire genre. Rachel Cain, Lyndsay sands, some of Stephaine Myers work and Ann rice.


2. How did you think about this series, considering there are so many Vampire Books already?

A: I know how hard it is to jump out, specially when there is so much competition out there in the same Genre. However I managed to find loop hole in most stories which would frustrate me when reading. For example it would based in one time of year or the word vampire is never explained how it came about it was thrust into the book as “I am a vampire” there was no history to it. So I decided I wanted to create a world of fantasy and fact. something you can relate to and also allow you mind to wonder and create the world you read.

I stripped back to the bare bones and started again, starting before birth to adult. The journey really begins there and I am having so much fun writing new and intriguing ways for Amelia (Zanette Amelia). I believe certain people will be able to identify with most aspects of the book and indeed with Amelia herself. Yes its fiction but her emotions are all Fact.


3. Tell me about your journey to writing

A: I think I mentioned that I was never really a writer before all though I dabbled with it when I was younger. Fact is I am also currently looking after a relative battling cancer and to be honest you spend a lot of time in hospital with appointments. So as a hobby I decided to write to pass the time away. It was only then that I realised I was allowing my hands to write a story that became a sensation with others. I would draw from my very own experience with emotions and situations to really bring my character alive. But the biggest inspiration for my novel is my Father. I thought if he can battle a what we all dread and still stand up strong, positive and supportive. I knew I could too. and so I thank him every day through this battle that he ended up showing me the path. What an inspiration he has been.


4. How has the journey of Self Publishing been?

A: Gosh where to begin. Self Publishing is easy, its the leg work you have to do which is hard and expensive. Long hours and seven day weeks. Its also rewarding to know you did this yourself. Published or self published are equally challenging in many ways. But I would not change my journey for anything as it has taught me that you only get out of life what you put it. As my father use to say to me and my brother throughout our life, you have to work for it. it is not going to be handed to you on a plate. And Dad you are right. but you learn and grow. So self Publishing is hard but rewarding.

image (3)

5. What has been the most motivating factor?

A: I think there is didn’t factors to this question. First I have to say again my Father for his bravery and support. Second Music is a big thing, because if you get stuck on a certain part of your book listening to music that is empowering to you can really open up the mind and allow so many thoughts to flood it. Third – Fresh air, new surroundings and of course reading. Sit back and watch people, how they act, what they do, how they feel you’ll be surprised at how life in front of you can truly help you write without even realising it.


6. Any tips for newbies!?

A: Oh YES! never give in. don’t worry about your work too much. Relax and let the juice flow while you write. There are some things that will happen 1. you will have a block 2. you will find that your writing is going quicker and is not using up as much paper as you wanted making you panic 3. you will have other ideas for a different novel and want to write more than one at a time thinking you can manage.

Remember that it will all come in time. Breathe, relax and don’t put on your shoulders more than you can cope with.


There is always people to help, just remember to ASK?

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7. How have the sales been going? I’ve seen that your book is featured on a few blogs! Congratulations!!

A: Sales are slow but steady, my main aim is to get my profile out there. The sales will come later. If they know me then they will know my work. I am trying hard and I will never give up.

People’s feed back about my book so far has been amazing. If I can turn a couple of non vampire readers wanting to read the next I must be doing something right. 🙂



Thank you so much for this wonderful interview!


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