The Unscrupulous Beginning- Poolside Brett by David D’Aguanno

The Blurb reads

Private detective Brett Cornell believes that he’s never had it so good. He’s been on a winning streak playing poker in private games being held in the back room of one of his favorite night spots. He’s recently been “discovered” by an exotic-looking beauty who specializes in home-made adult films. In addition, he’s been hired to track down a certain missing husband and bring him back home to his anxious wife. His life, however, takes a sudden turn for the worse when he opens the trunk of his car one evening and finds the missing husband’s murdered corpse stashed away inside of it. Set in the late 1980s, “Poolside with Brett” is the first in a series of novels featuring the tough and crass “unscrupulous bastard” himself — a rude, wise-cracking private detective who happens to be a hugely successful ladies’ man, thanks largely to what he immodestly refers to as his “Adonis-like features.” In a tale involving murder, blackmail, an unexpected suicide, and other assorted acts of violence and deceit, Brett learns the hard way that there’s a steep price to be paid for being such an unscrupulous bastard — and readers may very well feel that he gets exactly what he deserves, and more!

Brett is a funny character. I first encountered Brett when I requested for Beach Bum Brett (Brett Cornell Mysteries #8) on Making Connections and then realised that this book was a total GEM. Read my review of Beach Bum Brett here

So, this is how the series begins.

Brett is a smart Private Investigator who just cannot help being unscrupulous. If you have such an amazing body, and that sexy moustache and have a sexual drive enough to drive every woman crazy, why wouldn’t you have fun?

The book starts off on an optimistic note. Brett is in a good mood. He’s been winning at Poker and has also been star cast in an “adult” movie based on his good looks and sexuality. His ego is at an all time high.

It doesn’t matter that he has a Missing Persons case. Brett can juggle the investigations and the shoots required for the films. But when the Missing Person turns up dead, Brett has a stinker in his hands. How can he sort this out, without appearing as the prime suspect?

This book was much better than the first Brett book which I read for the sheer fact that there was a mystery at hand and that things appeared to be complicated. Also this book had a better ending. But I digress. The book explores Brett and his unscrupulous behaviour which stays with you for the rest of the series. Brett is debonair. He also doesn’t care. He thinks on his feet and even though he has a huge inflated ego, he also has the eye for detail. He can spot a thing or two even though you think you’ve slipped one on him.

What I liked about this book was the absolutely rib-tickling way in which this was written. The funny sarcastic dialogues, the witty remarks, the brazenness of Brett (= which mind you is really outrageous!!!!) It all makes really pleasant reading. Also the characters were bizzare and whacko, adding to the humour element.

I didn’t expect the ending to be what it was because I was so involved in thinking about the characters. That being said, this is a comedy. There is a fair share of mystery in it, but at no point does the humour go entirely out of it. I found this an enjoyable book and of course, now I want to read the second and other further books of the Brett Cornell series!!


My Rating: 3.5/5

This is a funny book! Pick this up if you’re the sarcasm loving person and also love a good tea-time read!!

3.5 starts

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