A Slice of American History- The Night Train to Ronkonkoma

ronkonkomaThe Burb Reads

A collection of short stories by Dov Silverman, award winning history fiction author – touching on moments in history, things we should not forget, and how the heart never forgets. Included are: Tennessee Mountain Music A Man’s Reputation Banjo Eddie Elvis Helps Me Courting Amphitrite (Women’s Prison ship) Recall the Flagman The Retarded Mother Presidential Sicilian Connection The Laughing Moon

I’m so glad Don (the author) wrote such a beautiful book. This book is about stories which Don collected as an operator of the Night Train. At first, I thought Ronkonkoma was a made up place but Google told me otherwise. That is when I realised that I had a really special book at hand.

What I really love about this book are the simple stories and the way it is told. We often think about the ‘good ol times’ as being simple and content and that is precisely what the stories portray.

Some of the stories made me smile. Some made me cry. I realised the true impact of the ebook revolution then. Everyone can now share their life stories and whereas all may not be readable, some really precious one are 2 rondocumented for life.

With mechanisation and computerisation, you don’t find these sort of jobs to go to and stories about incidents which happened then. I am grateful to the author for coming out with these stories.

One of my favourite stories was one called ‘Recall the Flagman’. Inspired from a true story told to the author by a fellow rail employee, it was truly touching and made me cry unabashedly. It also made me wonder how many lives were lost when men and children did things in jest without realising the consequences.

ron 3I recommend this book to everyone. Everyone must read this because in the author’s words, this is a slice of American History which should not be forgotten

My Rating: 4/5

This book is a real gem!! A must read!!



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