Beautiful Read: Crossing the Seas by Yuehai Xiao

The blurb reads,

A good leader should be a good reader; A good reader can become a good leader. Reading minds can be as challenging as reading books. This book documents the author’s book reading experience and his reflections upon politics, education, and pop culture…etc. as well as his mind reading experience. It is a collection of his posts on his blog and on Facebook, where he has been sharing his thoughts and interacting with top political and business leaders, celebrities, and scholars in America implicitly and explicitly during the past two years (Sept.2010 through Sept.2012). It is possible that his Facebook posts might have inspired lots of creative celebrities who produced stunning songs, movies, and TV shows.

Here is further information about that book:

“If a person is considered as a machine, that is probably because he/she has a good command of logical thinking and writing. In other words, the way the person controls his/her own thinking and writing is like that of a robot”

“If a person is considered as a ghost, that is probably not because he/she is intimidating, but because his/her thoughts and ideas are so earth-shaking that they seem to come from nowhere, or from another world.”

When a book starts off in this way, it is bound to be a great one!! I always wonder and think that things happen for a purpose. And December brings on so many thoughts, so many reflections. About how your year has gone, about the hits and misses and the planning for the next year commences.

And right then at that point, I get this book to read! This book is an excellent collection of thoughts, pearls of wisdom and about his life experiences. Yuehai  Xiao brings this wonderful collection here just at the end of the year when you spend time thinking.

The author brings these different points of view and such simple thoughts that come across to you and then sit in your mind. When you get some time alone to think about it, you wonder about them and think about how you can actually improve your life.

The author’s website shows that his book inspired Barack Obama and I am NOT SURPRISED. I have saved some special bits of the book for the very end of the year when I will especially celebrate time and be grateful and make my plan to succeed in the next year.

I highly recommend this book as one of those reads which will bring about a transformation in your life. The author’s clarity of thought and ease of expression are things to watch out for!

My Rating: 3.5/5

3.5 starts

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