Deep Waters: Desire and Prejudice by Jean Louis McMillan

The Blurb Reads

In an instant, Adam’s life has crumbled. 
The trauma keeps him awake at night, the pressure squeezing against his lungs, his soul. 
His life continues on a downward spiral until he’s entirely broken. 
And he doesn’t know how he’ll ever be whole again. 

Until he meets Jasmine. 

He finds her while working as an official for the DGSE—France’s external intelligence agency—in Beirut, Lebanon. Their hearts are jolted back to life at the sight of one another, but their erotic affair is a dangerous one. 
Jasmine is a woman he cannot have and was never meant to be with. 
Her beauty captivates him; her love overwhelms him. 
Though Jasmine suffers from her own trauma and feels constricted within the confines of her societal role. 
She too finds temporary healing and freedom in her wild but secret romance with Adam. 

But for how long can they keep their dangerous love a secret? 

Desire & Prejudice is a sexy love story with a spy thriller twist by one of the most exciting new authors of 2014. Through the story of Adam and Jasmine, first-time author Jean-Louis McMillan uses the classic tale to explore the modern art of lovemaking and the power of redemption. 

Does love have the power to overcome prejudice? 
Can it heal a wounded soul? 

I’ve often wondered on the whole “love transcends boundaries” theory. How much are we willing to forego our own prejudices to cross the line and unite with the one we love. This book, in a small way explored that.

Jasmine and Adam find themself strongly attracted to each other and slowly start an illicit affair. It explored much about PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) but in my opinion, it didn’t feature centrally in the book. There wasn’t so much of focus on PTSD than the relationship between Adam and Jasmine.

The erotic scenes, some via email, made a good read. The author has vivid imagination and you could see that what was written was beyond just the physicality of sex, but somehow meant to be an emotional bond between two people.

When the lid gets blown off their affair, Adam and Jasmine must make some hard choices which do not pan out that well for their relationship. Things change and somehow, bias, prejudice and religion come between a perfect match. This small part at the very end made the book SHINE for me.

It made me ponder on how we let our own thoughts or the thoughts of perhaps a vested interest or thoughts of what the society wants us to think, ruin what we think is a special part of our life. There is no fighting this, it is prevalent in all societies and all countries. At some point I think Equality is Eutopia, never together, only afar. If it didn’t exist, racism wouldn’t exist. Yet it continues, stronger today.

On some levels this book explored deep questions. If you look out for them. Don’t pick this book up only for the sex. If you do, there are books dealing only with erotica. When a book gives you something to ponder about, maybe even change your own self, then let yourself be directed and explore a different train of thought.

In my Opinion, sex at the basic physical level can never heal, only cover up the feelings and problems that you are dealing with. The fact that the characters want to reach out and emote, that for me means true healing.

I enjoyed this book for the deeper lines apart from the sex. What I have seriously noted, is the flood of erotic novels on Amazon and for my part, I tended to focus on the other part, not the sex. It wasn’t the most descriptive sex I have read (= We have real hard core erotic books for that) and I tended to find the author’s note that the book contains graphic sexual content, not very essential. However in a world where readers focus on the wrong things much too often, I can understand the message!

My Rating: 2.5/5

2 and a half stars



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