Goodbye 2013 and Hello 2014!!


What can I say about this year? EPIC!!!

I started this year wondering about how I would manage to get the Finances to sponsor a trip for my parents and then somehow stumbled across Goodreads. That’s when my life changed!! For Real!!

Before that, I had no idea about the beautiful world of self-publish, let alone how it works. I had no idea that close to 500 books got published IN A DAY ON AMAZON!! I didn’t know the various websites one turned to if they wanted to leverage on their talents!!

This might get a little boring but the note had to be out!! I couldn’t let the year slip by without thanking people and without recounting my experiences!!

I just started as a small book lover who wanted to write reviews for the books I read, so I’d remember them and maybe get to share them with people across the world. That’s how this book-blog started. After Goodreads found me, (=I like to believe that, this year was meant to be, I was meant to find so many new author friends and get so closely involved with books! So metaphorically, Goodreads found me!!) I discovered what Beta Readers are and read some 20 books and gave feedback to authors! While I hope it was meaningful to them, I also discovered how many resources there are for a writer and so many people eager to offer their love for books, to help someone realise their self-publish goal!

My next step was joining Fiverr!! That changed my take on how I could use Freelance to build up a fund for anything I wanted. Here I was using my reading abilities to give constructive feedback and write so that people could benefit!! How cool is that!! While I haven’t earned a ton of money there, I’m proud of whatever little I have and I’m a Level 2 Seller now  (Having sold atleast 50 Gigs or more!!) It took me 6 months (=Apparently, people can get there in NO TIME!) But I got there!!

I also found out Giveaways! I won a few books and I also hosted authors on my blog!! I interacted with authors on a more personal level and I discovered NetGalley and Twitter. In fact, I found an author and Beta Read this Amazing Romantic Suspense novel (=Which has now been published as ‘Jenna’s Journey’) on Twitter!!

2013 has been such a beautiful year! And I have to hand out a few personal thank-you’s and express my love and gratitude for the wonderful people who have been with me throughout the year. I may not be the best reviewer, certainly not the speediest one, (= That’s evident from the books I have read but yet to review on my blog!) but I do try my bit!

I have to thank the authors who have touched me, in order of my interaction with them, from January 2013 to December 2013!

1. Jen Minkman!- The Venture Capitalist

Thank You so much JEN MINKMAN!!

Thank You so much JEN MINKMAN!!

Trusting someone with your baby is not easy and that is just what Jen did for me. I was new starting off with my blog and she was one of the first Indie’s (=She’s also traditionally published in Dutch, which is ULTRA COOL!!) who gave me her books to review! I loved her book nonetheless and her interviews have always been a delight. Jen’s been the practical one helping me with different avenues of Freelance and has been very patient and appreciative!! She also never forgets to send me a review copy and is always up for a quick chat!! Thank You!

 2. Thomas Hay- The Believer
Thank you THOMAS HAY

Thank you THOMAS HAY

Thomas was kind enough to post me a paperback of his book and even came back for 5 Guest Posts and interviews! He’s been patient with me (=Extremely patient) and has always responded to my mails. He has read through my posts, commented and has always shown his support for my blog!! Thank you!!

3. Cristiane Serruya- My Go-To Friendly, Emotional Friend Halfway Across the World



Cris has been so nice to me. I’ve been a reviewer and a Beta for 2 of her books, from her irresistible trilogy and she is my go-to lady in all times of advice. She brings to me a rare mixture of compassion, love, genuine warmth and a firm wise head on her shoulders. I have had all types of emotions reading her books and she has listened as I ranted about problems! She has also featured willingly in interviews and has supported my blog right from the start!! Thank you Cris!!

4. Jo Sparkes- The Always Helpful Gentle-Lady who is the Sweetest person!



Thank you Jo!! You really are as sparkling in character as your writing is!! You’ve been such a great friend and always acknowledged my posts or whatever I did. Jo’s a wonderful writer and an even more wonderful person to know. She has shown so much solidarity and support this year even when (=gulp!!) I have not matched up to her expectations! I love writing to her because I know I’ll get a mail written back with so much genuine smile attached that it makes me smile too!! Thank you for adding some Sparkes, Jo!!

5. Frank Freudberg- Year End Cheer!



I started reading and reviewing Frank’s explosive novel only in November but the reason I mention him is his affable nature and wanting to keep in touch even though I’ve already read and reviewed his novel (=And a glowing review it is, look up Find Virgil if you can). Having experienced the Indie fever, I am contemplating writing, and Frank has appreciated my writing several times. I hope I’m on his list for future novels. Thank you for some Christmas Cheer!


I haven’t finished yet!! I have to thank all the authors who gave me all those hits and all the followers!! So here goes!

tjankyou1. Daniel Sherrier- Thank you for the Beta Reads and for being a good friend

2. Dominique Wilkins- Thank you for trusting me with several of your books and teaching me how to stand up firm to life

3. Jill Kramer- Thank you for being patient and for writing such a stunning book which I was honoured to review!

4. Julie Ryan- Thank you for trusting me to Beta Read, even though you found me on Twitter!!

thjankjyou5. Michael Cargill- Thank you for writing the most beautiful and positive book about the Polish Uprising written EVER! You made me cry, you made me smile and you made me thank my stars I chose your book on Making Connections!

6. Thomas Norwood- Thank You for inspiring me with your book and for keeping patience with my ever delayed review for your brilliant book!

Thank you!! To all the authors who trusted me with their books! And for those patient enough to wait on and remind me to read their books when I forgot because of studies/work!!


It has been an Amazing Reading Year for me!!

2014, here I come!!



9 thoughts on “Goodbye 2013 and Hello 2014!!

  1. Blimey, 2013 was a real year of discovery for you.

    I know what you mean about Goodreads. I used to consider myself something of a hardcore reader but it wasn’t until I stumbled upon Goodreads that I discovered there are people far more dedicated to reading than I am. It’s a great place, it has to be said.

    Thanks for the mention here and it’s always nice to know that my work is appreciated.

    All the best for 2014.

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