A Masked Life- A Naive Heart by Sarah Becks

The blurb reads,

How much can a woman ever really know her husband? Can a man really hide his true-self from the woman who loves him? 
‘One woman’s story proves that a man can.’ 
Sarah’s husband John, a seemingly caring, loving and considerate partner, was such a man. Sarah was to discover their relationship was a façade as slowly over the years John began to reveal his true identity. He was a man unable to control his dark secret desires. Desires which he kept hidden so well at first but which ultimately consumed him leading to a marriage rocked by betrayal and deception. But what where the secret desires that drove him to lie and to conceal the real him from Sarah? 

‘Based on a True Story, ‘ A Naive Heart portrays a love sadly gone wrong and a marriage full of pretence, secrecy and shocking revelations. It will strike a chord with any woman who has wondered if they ‘ever truly know their partner.’ 

All names and places have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty.

So I began reading. The tale starts with Sarah discovering John home early one evening. And then her world changes because of a few CDs which she spots. The story of a grim beginning starts.

This book really made me think. We spend our whole lives with persons, even our parents or friends. How much do we know them? This book starts with Sarah and how she meets the shy and quiet John and gets drawn to him. Inspite of their relationship, she discovers that he hasn’t been truthful to her and she discovers his fetish. It shocks her to the core. How she deals with this revelation and the effect on their married life, is the core of this book.

While the story was not a fast paced or an excited one, it did leave me musing. I have some secret thoughts and I have things which I am sure not everyone knows. I can draw parallels for others too. Then I wondered about marital relationships. How much does a husband and wife share with the significant other for the relationship to work out? Would it have gone another way if John had been upfront? Would their life have changed if they had therapy?

These are so many questions which one can ask. This is based on a true story so my speculation won’t change, but this book did leave me with a very good look into the psyche of a person. I probably would have felt the same way as Sarah. I wouldn’t have been benevolent with John. Are we really that selfish? Do we really cast away something that we don’t think is work-able? Life is such a complex mesh of thoughts, feelings, ambition, togetherness, wonder, love.

This book has deep undercurrents. It is something that will leave you with a new perspective on life. I don’t mean for you to be suspicious about your loved ones, but just be more appreciative of the fact that they share with you, the nuggets of their life.

This was a great book. It delved into closet skeletons of people we loved and how they tended to impact our lives. It talks about pain. About wanting to change. About what is normal for someone might not be normal for another.

What I appreciated about the end is the fact that there is a Happily Ever After. I really like books that end on a good note. It makes me feel so much more positive.

My Rating: 3/5- Definitely a Good Read

3 star



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