Break the Shackles- Pearl by Malory Thomas

The blurb reads

Pearl Malory ThomasPearl, a married 30-year-old convenience store worker, longs for change and excitement. Believing she can find it in the purchase of a Mustang, she soon learns that her co-worker, Austin, a recent college graduate, offers the thrill she’s missed out on.

When circumstances force the two apart, Pearl faces the difficult decision of repairing her marriage, thereby staying true to her religious beliefs, or disrupting her entire life to explore something life-changing

How many of us wonder “what if?”. What if I’d have gone there, what if I had done this, what if I had just told him how I felt? We all walk down the “What If” road plenty of times in our life. We often come to the stage where we feel something is stuck and that we probably have the tough hand dealt out to us.

But the whole point is, our gut feeling knows what is right for us. It nudges and pokes us to decisions which are charted for us early on in life. They take us to paths which have difficulties and struggles but which will lead you to the sweetest ending for you.

Even though the whole talk about taking THE step is enthusing, lets admit we all get lackadaisical about those small secret dreams.  We find some sort of comfort in our carved out lives and living in the fear of something new always haunts us.

Well, this book is all about that. Pearl desperately wants a change. She feels stuck somewhere in her life and obligated to stay with her husband. But she has feelings for anothet man. She wants to take a step forward to her dreams. Should she stay in the marriage of convenience or take a step into the brave wild world, romancing the unknown?

Pearl moves through her life and at one point stagnates so much that she is forced to take some hard decisions.  She doesn’t want to hurt anyone and also stay true to her beliefs.

What I loved about this book was the fact that it was so clean. There was no cheating and Pearl’s moves to breaking free are very visible. I really wanted Pearl to go for her dreams. Who doesn’t love seeing the protagonist go for it?

I felt the relationship between Austin and Pearl was very sweet and gentle in a way and their chemistry was palpable. I just wished there was more about Pearl getting to that phase where she is at the cusp if starting her dreams.  I missed that towards the end. I had come to like Pearl by then and I felt a little cheated that she kept her dreams and growth much to herself!

A clean, sweet, charming book which leaves you smiling!

My Rating: 3/5

3 star


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