#Scary Glimpse into the #Future: From Thine Own Well by Norm Hamilton

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The Blurb Reads

Noxious substances in the watershed brings a society to its knees; fracking by oil companies has taken its toll.

Canadian society has been altered, seemingly irrevocably; water resources have become scarce and individual freedoms cast off. 

It is now 2036, only 24 years since the most devastating of a series of international accords, one simply known as The Agreement, set the precedent for many that followed – effectively causing the federal government to collapse into ruin and dependency on corporatist rule. 

Unrestricted fracking and irresponsible mining practices have caused major watersheds and underground streams to become contaminated, the precious fluid – noxious. 

The sole purpose of The Coalition, a regulatory body created by the world-wide conglomerates that took over the governing of the country is to ensure the profitability of its corporate members. 

In Yukon, Canada’s far north, a baker’s dozen of unknown, everyday people and one dog are loosely thrown together in an effort to combat The Coalition and its impact on Canadian lives and the environment. 

Join Landon, Nora, Galen and the others who, through no design of their own, have become the unknown hope for Canada’s future. Will they prevail in the small jurisdiction they reside in and set the bar for the rest of Canada? 

Only time will tell.

The environment and the whole problem of climate change, hazardous industry and global warming is so underrated. I saw memes the other day on Facebook of people standing in bitter cold conditions mocking Global Warming. But Global Warming meant both bitter winters and extreme summers. Since when did we get so escapist?

Nobody likes the environment. Maybe we do, whenever it suits us. We see a beautiful place, remark about how badly our own country is kept and managed and walk away. The photos haunt our Facebook profiles for ages!

But behind all the growth that all of us work for, which industries propagate, all the trade laws which are so conveniently defined, who suffers? Does anyone still remember or check on the Mexican Oil Spill? What about the victims of an earthquake? The victims of the horrible tsunami in 2004 are still settling back into their lives. When does one decide that it is enough? How much destruction should one be able to witness before deciding that the way the ENTIRE world is run is hazardous?!!

The book, frankly, gave me sleepless nights. I was scared out of my wits. This was only Canada but I could so very well imagine it to be India. We have water contamination in high levels because of the lack of sanitation and the huge population burden. But that is beyond the point. The point is, when will we confront the huge problem that faces us? The one relating to the environment. The one about hazardous waste dumps, or the one regarding unsustainable resource use? When we put profits or sheer monetary gain ahead of the environment, thinking the environment is there, constant, to back us up, we make a mistake.

Our tacit acceptance or non-questioning of industry, governments and general urban lifestyles being hazardous to the very world we live in is like striking a blow at our own chances of survival. This is precisely what Norm was talking about!! The blatant lack of concern or the “let-it-pass” feeling that is so pervasive among the people. Norm talks about the Canadians being so complicit with the hazardous Oil, Minerals and Gas practices that they never questioned anything or went out of their comfort zone. Until their life as they knew it changed forever!

Let’s not kid ourselves. We have EMIs or credit card debt. Some of us worry about making it the next day. Most of us are knee deep in our own problems. Why sleep with another unknown variable about the environment? This, what I observe among people, the “screw it, who cares” is deeply humiliating. We really don’t care! Think back!!

Our industry and personal activity levels have gone beyond being unsustainable. The environment reacts to it and when we still don’t amend our ways, a natural disaster ensues. Industry is the BIGGEST perpetrator of the environment and natural resources. But is it only to blame? No we’re responsible too! We leave the lights on and waste electricity. We let water flow through taps when we’re brushing and waste precious potable water.

This post is more a culmination of my many thoughts and fears. This book, I fear will become reality. How much longer before an economically advanced nation coerces a smaller, less economically powerful nation to let them abuse natural resources? Why must the environment always bow down in front of industry and political prowess, especially money.

Canada has been wrecked in 2036. Vested interests have mined every corner and made life so hazardous. Militia have used their coercion to get away with the deeds of mining companies. The country in question pulling the strings is China. But it is not so difficult to imagine, given that a lot of chinese investments are into less developed countries. If one country pulls all its strings and economic powers, then definitely will pressure foreign governments.

This book….it is really like a wake up call. How much more will you take before IT IS THE END? How much more will you draw from your own well, and destroy your own life, before you wake up? This book, is a must read. This book will open your eyes and make you realise that there is so much wrong today. And we need to conserve resources, recycle NOW!! Otherwise there will be NO TOMORROW!!

My Rating: 5/5

Because I feel this book should be read and our environment should be saved, this one merits a 5 star!! I hope it helps people wake up to the environmental challenges, rather than just write it off as fiction

5 star


Norm Hamilton (1951- ) lived in Whitehorse, Yukon for 40 years. In December 2012 he retired and is currently on Vancouver Island with his wife, Anna, where he is meeting people and experiencing new adventures to write about. He trusts that retirement will afford him the time to delve further into his writing. This photographer, freelance writer, copy-editor, proofreader and novelist is currently enjoying Lake Cowichan, B.C.

Norm’s latest project is a novel titled, “From Thine Own Well,” a story about a dystopian Canadian society brought about by unrestricted gas fracking and irresponsible mining techniques. It all began with a FIPA agreement in 2012 that left the federal government open to lawsuits – that they lost. This book is available as a paperback on Amazon, and as an eBook on Amazon Smashwords, Kobo and other online retailers.

Norm has written one non-fiction book, “The Digital Eye.” It is a compilation of articles for people wanting to improve their photography skills or for those who want to learn digital photography. This book is available as a paperback on Amazon, and as an eBook on Amazon Smashwords, Kobo and other online retailers.


Book Page  http://fromthineownwell.normhamilton.ca

Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/NormHamiltonWriter

Website http://normhamilton.ca/writer/


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