Fantasy for Kids: The Legend of Butterfield Farm by D.D Larsen

The Blurb reads,

legend of butterfield farmWho knew climbing a tree could be as magical as climbing a beanstalk? Henna Steward certainly didn’t—until the seven-year-old moved to Butterfield Farm with her family and discovered the oak to end all oaks. 

While exploring its odd occupants, Henna is transported, along with her twelve-year-old sister and eight-year-old cousin, to a strange, far-away world where they must survive a perilous journey and The Dreaded One’s evil hordes. They must . . . Or they will never come home. 

What happens when climbing a tree takes you to a strange new world from which you may never return? The Legend of Butterfield Farm begins. 

The book starts off with Holly and Henna finding out that they would be moving. Far away from their home and into a new world. Butterfield Farm!! The name sounds fabulous!! And Henna is really looking forward to moving there.

So what happens when she decides to go out exploring on her own? What does she discover? In her enthusiasm, she drags her 12 year old sister Holly and their 8 year old cousin Gordon into a mystical land. Will they be able to get out of there in time? This is a mystical land and soon they find themselves embroiled in a war against the Dreaded One. Can they make it back home?

This was a fun story! I enjoyed reading it. One of my reading challenges this year was to read a children’s book because it is good to be reminded of your childhood from time to time. This one was just perfect!

The book is simply perfect for young children. When you are just starting out with reading, this is just something that you should have. Reading a good book always helps to cultivate your imagination and the earlier you begin with the process, the better it is.

This book has it all. The right amount of stuff happening, curious lovable characters and a sense of excitement. What I thought was that this book needed to be a little more crisp because there were times when I lost track of what happened. The writing also kept fluctuating in terms of keeping my excitement up. Maybe it was the continuous stream of events that kept up or maybe that the Dreaded One didn’t make quite an impression on my mind. I would have certainly loved a crisper story.

But having said that, the end was brilliant. I didn’t expect the writer to leave it the way he did and I wanted an epilogue!!

However, that being said, this book did remind me of reading Enid Blyton when I was small. Those Wishing Chair stories or the Faraway Tree stories did really make my childhood a nicer place. And this book was a reminder of the good old days!!

I enjoyed reading this book while I did. I do wish children read more books that stimulate their minds not just the glut of books on romances and sex. I never remember reading that, it was all very clean when I was young, and I would love children to grow in their imaginative cocoons via good books!

My Rating: 3.5/5

3.5 starts

2 thoughts on “Fantasy for Kids: The Legend of Butterfield Farm by D.D Larsen

    • Thank you so much! I am glad you enjoyed the review. I see so many NA and YA books and I keep wondering where the Enid Blytons and Carolyn Keenes or Franklin W Dixons went!!

      Thank you for your comment!!

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