Funny but Practical: The Secret to Startup Failure by Sonia Lin

The Blurb Reads

For those who are crazy enough to keep failing…
Award winning entrepreneur and author of popular webcomic series EntrepreNo’s: Secret to Startup Failure Sonia Lin unveils a startup life full of failures, based off her iconic humor in the webcomics that are weaved into practical themes in a startup life, coupled with words of advice to fellow entrepreneurs. The “fail fast, fail cheap, fail happy” mantra of this book commits to promoting work-life balance and the ability to look beyond and laugh at the startup life vicissitudes in order to achieve long-term entrepreneurial success.

Get ready for Secret to Startup Failure to:
● Get over a less-than-successful launch day 
● Pick a co-founder who provides politics-free companionship
● Interpret productivity from the garbage can
● Have an investor call on St. Patrick’s Day 
● … and more 

Startup life is long, so fail where you should, and laugh when you can.

What I loved about this book is the hilarity and maturity with which the author tackled workplace stress.
While it is so easy to think of living life as in Indie Author or an artist, it depends so much on so many external forces which you cannot control. It becomes so difficult to look at life or even work objectively. Or even be motivated. Forget about what any entrepreneur feels, to be motivated in our working lives is so difficult. Life is tough! People and circumstances can seem to conspire against you sometimes and make it tougher.

Sonia Lin gives us some simple reminders, points which we may overlook but which bear a lot of weight when it comes to making your entrepreneurial life a success. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this book. It takes a hard boiled egg and a mature one at that to laugh at problems so debilitating as a start up failure. I appreciate the ability of the author to look at her vast experience in the start-up world through a kaleidoscope of emotions and brings out something which is useful and also brings a person down to earth. It is easy to get carried away in the emotions which come with your first experience doing jobs on your own!

Like Sonia says, lets fail cheap, fail fast and fail easy. At least while looking at the illustrations let’s take life lightly and realize that perhaps tomorrow will be a better day!!

Definitely a good read.

My Rating: 3.5/5

The illustrations and the sarcastic and funny way in which it is written makes this book a sheer delight to read!


3.5 starts

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