Explore Your #Mind: The Mind Shaman by Luca Bosurgi

The blurb reads

In this compelling novel of love and mind’s struggles, Liam is trying to find meaning in his life – he feels caught in an endless cycle where depression and alcohol are holding him back and creating despair. When he meets Luca Bosurgi he learns the cause of his miseries – the instinctual habit which has kept him from taking control over his life. Liam learns how codependency, the natural response that keeps children bonded to their parents, can become a crippling condition if is not terminated at puberty, preventing one to take charge over their life. As Liam discovers how to overcome his condition he claims sovereignty over his life ending the cycle of depression and addiction. This book, The Mind Shaman, is especially relevant for a modern society where so many young people are unable to reach financial and physical independence

I actually stumbled upon this book quite by accident. I was checking out some freebies and I found this. And boy I was glad I got this one.

The blurb interested me. The Bosurgi Syndrome? Codependency? I was interested. I wanted to read what this was above. It never fails to fascinate me how there is so much already written and tested about the brain and the mind yet it throws up newer and newer challenges and experiences. Research can be monumental, yet so much can change, this concept itself makes the mind such a beautiful subject. The constant state of flux!! I love it.

The book is told from the POV of Liam, a child born with the Bosurgi syndrome and his journey through life. He faces a true test when the Syndrome gets the better of him. But just in time, he finds Luca, the man behind formulating the Bosurgi syndrome. To be very frank I had never heard of this syndrome nor had I ever thought about any shortcomings this way. The book underlined the importance a loving childhood has on a person and his development. 

I’ve often believed that Modern Medicine was somehow missing the point. Inspite of having advanced by leaps and bounds in medicine, our brain, the mind, our consciousness and sub consciousness were mysteries. We could never work out why things happened the way they did or explore the true potential of our minds.

This was something Luca considered at depth. The fact that the mind has problems of its own and that it was an independent entity, separate from the brain or logic. It makes very interesting reading and a fascinating point of view.

His methods seem very logical and his research precise. I got very excited when I read about how he went about healing his patients and I am very interested in seeing the healing happen.

The book covered not only Liam’s healing but also his transition into joining Luca and that is when Luca explained concepts in greater detail and sort of took in case studies for the reader to see and diagnose the Bosurgi Syndrome.

I do wish people especially doctors focused more on the mind and it’s powers. This book like Luca’s research is Experimental.

My Rating: 4/5


2 thoughts on “Explore Your #Mind: The Mind Shaman by Luca Bosurgi

  1. Hi Luca
    I am sure you must be the son of Emilio Bosurgi. Imagine my surprise to see how you are doing. You probably will not remember me but I was a dear friend of your father and Uncle Leo. I lost touch with them both but often think of my happy times with you all in Spain. Congratulations on your Success and your lovely family. Kind regards Dawn Grant- Taylor

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