The Man in the Mirror.

The Man in the Mirror

Are aliens really abducting humans?

Have you ever suspected there was another you?

How many times have you looked into the mirror and you were nowhere in sight? Maybe what you saw made you wonder who it was that stared back? Perhaps you recognized them, but don’t know them.

Have you ever dreamed of two who were the same, but existed in separate entities? Can one become two and not share the same womb? Can one live two separate lives and not know of the other? Can parallel worlds exist in the same dimension? Can reality become fiction and fiction become reality?

Who was who? Who was real and/or who was an illusion? Perhaps both, but then again, maybe neither.

That leads into the next question. Just who is it that is creating the other? Some may think aliens are responsible. Could they be abducting humans and creating duplicates? Can they control and manipulate human minds?

These questions created an identity crisis, disorientation, and some peculiar translations that haunted my reality. I would search the world for answers, only to discover they were buried deep within my subconscious. The truth was finally revealed when I melted the memory blocks instilled by my abductors.

The answers are in my story, “An Abduction Revelation”, but then again, maybe not.

Join me in my mysterious adventure that includes a dash of romance, life in the fast lane, a ufo here and there, along with a surprise ending that may startle and torment your reality.

“An Abduction Revelation” is available at Smashwords: or at Amazon:

Author’s website: www.thomaslhay

Thomas L. Hay, Author


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